To Book a Place at Full Moon Yoga Classes in Cairns Best Beach (Palm Cove)-


1) Firstly, check with us to make sure there is a spot available.

2) Select the amount of classes from the drop down menu below and follow on screen instructions.

Full Moon Yoga Class

What will a Full Moon Yoga Class be like?


In many styles of yoga, the beginning of the class is comprised of sun salutations.  Our sun salutes warm the whole body and have an element of forwards and backwards bending whilst we move with our breath. You guessed it… in a Full Moon class we practice Moon salutations!

Moon salutations are similar to sun salutations, in that you move with your breath… but unlike sun salutations, we face the long side of our mats instead of the short top side of the mat, and we move from side to side instead of forwards and backwards.

After practicing a few rounds of Moon salutations we will practice some standing postures, then coming down onto our mats for some delicious and longer held yin yoga postures.

These yin yoga postures allow time to reflect, time to breathe consciously and time to let go.

We then move to a guided meditation in Savasana (corpse pose) and finish with a short meditation whilst gazing at the moon.

Bliss 🙂

For more details on what to expect from a Full Moon Yoga Class with Hartig Yoga, take a look at our blog article


Can Beginners come to this full moon yoga class in Palm Cove?

YES, YES, YES! Beginners are more than welcome in all of our classes. All of our classes are multi-level, meaning you are welcome to come if you have been to a hundred yoga classes or none at all. Options and modifications will be given for all levels, so that you can get the most out of the class, from where ever you are at in your practice.


When will the classes be held?

Full Moon Yoga Classes with Hartig Yoga will start in July. The dates are as follows.

Sunday 9th July

Tuesday 8th August

Wednesday 6th September

Friday 6th October

July and Augusts Classes will be at 17.30-18.40pm. I will announce the times of the other classes nearer to the date, as it depend on the time that the moon rises!


Where will the classes be held?

July and August’s Full Moon Yoga Classes will be held in our usual beach spot, on the grassy beachfront area outside of Alamanda Resort, Palm Cove.  It’s at the very south end of the Palm Cove Esplanade, about 50m down from Nunu restaurant.  Wet weather back up is available in Alamanda Resort if it’s needed.

September’s Class location will be announced shortly!


Thanks for reading yogis and yogis, and hopefully see you on the mat soon!

If you have any questions about our yoga classes, click here to send me a message.


Beth Hartig