Welcome to our new Full Moon Yoga Classes Palm Cove!


Held at our usual spot (on the grassy beachfront area in front of the Alamanda Resort/Nunu restaurant, Palm Cove) this special monthly class will help you to cleanse your whole system, releasing tension and unwanted stress from the body and mind and enabling you to move forward into the next lunar cycle refreshed and renewed.


Why practice yoga with the full moon?

According to Ancient Chinese philosophy, and Yogic Philosophy, the moon represents a softer, feminine and yielding ‘yin’ like energy whereas the sun represents a stronger, more masculine and active ‘yang’ like energy (think of a yin yang symbol – see my article on Yin yoga for a more detailed description of this).

In these times, our lives are busier than ever. They have become more ‘yang’ in nature (more active, busier, faster…there is so much to do, and so little time!) and it is really important to balance this ‘yang’ activity with some ‘yin’ yielding.

Honouring the soft and feminine nature of the full moon both within nature and within ourselves is a valuable practice. When we push push push all of the time, in this uphill struggle of trying to gain, to achieve, to improve (all of which is good by the way!), we need some time to do the opposite.  We need to find some balance. To bring some yin to our yang. Both are important, but balance it key.

A time to reflect

Often people will notice this happening naturally within themselves as the full moon approaches.  You may feel more tired, emotions may intensify and the general experience of day to day life may just have a different tone. It may be hard to grasp in exactly what way, but different some how. Often we push through these times, deadlines still exist, we still have to work, the kids still need dinner on the table etc. etc. BUT we can put aside a little time for ourselves to match that softness found in the moon. To slow it down a little. To reflect.

Another beautiful quality of the moon is reflection. It simply reflects the light of the sun back to us. This is our time for reflection too. Our time to ask ourselves, ‘is how I am doing life at the moment working for me?’ ‘Is there something I can let go of that might make it better?’ From as small as a belief about yourself to the realisation you need a complete career change! Time for reflection is key to enable us to move forward into the best and happiest versions of ourselves.

There are many many more reasons to practice yoga with a full moon, which I will share with you in our Full Moon Yoga classes Palm Cove.


Full Moon Yoga Palm Cove



What will a Full Moon Yoga Class be like?


In many styles of yoga, the beginning of the class is comprised of sun salutations.  Our sun salutes warm the whole body and have an element of forwards and backwards bending whilst we move with our breath. You guessed it… in a Full Moon class we practice Moon salutations!

Moon salutations are similar to sun salutations, in that you move with your breath… but unlike sun salutations, we face the long side of our mats instead of the short top side of the mat, and we move from side to side instead of forwards and backwards.

After practicing a few rounds of Moon salutations we will practice some standing postures, then coming down onto our mats for some delicious and longer held yin yoga postures.

These yin yoga postures allow time to reflect, time to breathe consciously and time to let go.

We then move to a guided meditation in Savasana (corpse pose) and finish with a short meditation whilst gazing at the moon.

Bliss 🙂


Can Beginners come to this full moon yoga class in Palm Cove?

YES, YES, YES! Beginners are more than welcome in all of our classes. All of our classes are multi-level, meaning you are welcome to come if you have been to a hundred yoga classes or none at all. Options and modifications will  be given for all levels, so that you can get the most out of the class, from where ever you are at in your practice.


When will the classes be held?

Full Moon Yoga Classes with Hartig Yoga will start in July. The dates are as follows.

Sunday 9th July

Tuesday 8th August

Wednesday 6th September

Friday 6th October

July and Augusts Classes will be at 17.30-18.40pm. I will announce the times of the other classes nearer to the date.


Thanks for reading yogis and yogis, and hopefully see you on the mat soon!

If you have any questions about our yoga classes, click here to send me a message.


Beth Hartig

Hartig Yoga