Intuitive Breakthroughs October 2018 Retreat Cairns


At the end of last month, I was asked by some dear friends to be part of their first ‘Honour Your Calling’ Retreat Cairns. Chetanya Haggard and Steve McNamara are the power couple behind Intuitive Breakthroughs – a Life Coaching and Empowerment business that they started here together earlier this year.  Eight individuals from around Australia and New Zealand came to this Cairns retreat on a journey of personal development, with the aim to break whatever barriers they had built within themselves against love, abundance and success. What a week!


Sunrise Yoga Classes

Hartig Yoga was asked to share sunrise yoga classes with these beautiful people.  I would arrive at 5.30am to the stunning retreat property at Clifton Beach to set up for the morning class.  The first session was 2 hours long and was the opening of the retreat.  In this session, we created space in our bodies with asana and breath and space in our minds with meditation and pranayama.  We needed to create this space for all of the tools that the group were to learn in the upcoming week.

In the 2nd session we kept it very simple- movement with breath.  Staying connected to the present and to the nature and beauty that is all around us.

The 3rd session was taken at Palm Cove beachfront, in my usual spot outside of the Alamanda resort.  For more information about my public yoga classes, click here.   The group were so happy to experience their final class of the week in this setting.  This class was dedicated to heart opening and connecting to love.  Not romantic love, or a love that you feel that you have to take from somebody else.  Unconditional love. Our true nature.  The ease of guiding this group into this place of love was outstanding! Beautiful bonds were already being formed, tears were shed, hearts were opened and all connected as one.


Retreat Catering – A New Side Career for me?!

I was also given the wonderful role of caterer during the retreat, and prepared delicious and nutritious food for the group to fuel their incredible inner work.

Yoga Retreat Cooking


Check out some pictures from the week below!


The retreat was an amazing success and it’s safe to say, the first of many.   Their next retreat is scheduled for March 2018.  If you would like more information about Chetanya and Steves Retreats in Cairns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Follow this link to Steve and Chetanya’s Intuitive Breakthroughs Website.