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Yin Yoga For Liver and Gall Bladder
45-minutes hips legs spine yin-yoga
Simple 20 Minute Practice
20-minutes grounding hatha
Somatics For The Head, Neck & Shoulders
45-minutes gentle-yoga neck shoulders
Yoga For Busy People
30-minutes hatha hips legs
Hips Stability/Mobility
30-minutes core hatha hips legs strengthening vinyasa
Unkink Your Spine
30-minutes hatha morning-yoga slow-flow spine
Psoas Class 2
30-minutes core hatha hips legs psoas
Psoas Class 1
45-minutes core hatha hips lower-back
Cooling and calming 30 mins
30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha hips legs
Centering Morning Practice
45-minutes core grounding hatha vinyasa
Retreat and restore
60-minutes gentle-yoga restorative
Yoga To Build Strength
45-minutes core energising strengthening vinyasa
Regenerative Yin
45-minutes hips legs lower-back yin-yoga
Energy Shake Up!
20-minutes energising pranayama vinyasa
Peaceful Slow Flow
30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga hatha morning-yoga slow-flow
Naval Radiation 45 mins
45-minutes core hatha legs
Time To Restore
60-minutes beginners evening-yoga grounding restorative
Slow Down with Gentle Hatha
60-minutes beginners gentle-yoga hatha legs
Deep Core Slow Flow
60-minutes core hatha hips legs vinyasa
Yoga to Reduce Stress
30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga hatha
Yoga For Sciatica
30-minutes hatha hips lower-back twists
Hips and Core Deep Slow Flow
45-minutes core hips morning-yoga slow-flow vinyasa
Quick 10 Min Neck and Shoulders
10-minutes neck shoulders
Yin Yoga for Menstruation
45-minutes hips legs yin-yoga
Chakra Series | Class 7 | Crown Chakra
15-minutes chakras meditation pranayama sahasrara-chakra
Chakra Series | Class 6 | Third Eye Chakra
30-minutes ajna-chakra chakras hatha pranayama third-eye
Chakra Series | Class 5 | Throat Chakra
30-minutes chakras meditation vishuddha-chakra
Chakra Series | Class 4 | Heart Chakra
30-minutes anahata-chakra chakras hatha heart-opening shoulders
Chakra Series | Class 3 | Solar Plexus
30-minutes chakras core manipura-chakra twists vinyasa
Chakra Series | Class 2 | Sacral Chakra
30-minutes chakras hatha hips legs svadhisthana-chakra
Chakra Series | Class 1 | Root Chakra
30-minutes chakras grounding hatha legs
Bedtime Yin Yoga
30-minutes beginners evening-yoga relaxation yin-yoga
Quick Christmas Escape
20-minutes pranayama vinyasa
Strong and Steady Every Day Flow
45-minutes hatha hips legs vinyasa
Find Peace Within The Challenges
60-minutes evening-yoga hatha morning-yoga
It’s OK to be Tired
30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga hatha morning-yoga
Moving into stillness (quickly!)
20-minutes hatha morning-yoga vinyasa
Quick Reset – From Head To Heart
20-minutes hatha heart-opening relaxation shoulders
Energising Morning Flow
20-minutes legs morning-yoga twists vinyasa
Quick Yin Yoga For The Hips
20-minutes hips yin-yoga
Yin Yoga For Self Acceptance
30-minutes spine yin-yoga
Gently Connect To Your Body
20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha
Beginners Standing Poses
45-minutes beginners hatha hips legs
Build Strength Bum, Tum & Arms
30-minutes core shoulders slow-flow
Gratitude Meditation
10-minutes meditation
Choose Rest
15-minutes relaxation yoga-nidra
Sun Salutations & Hamstrings
30-minutes legs vinyasa
Letting Go with Yin Yoga
60-minutes yin-yoga
Beginners Yoga Class 4 – Seated Poses
20-minutes beginners hatha
Svadhisthana Chakra 60 Mins
60-minutes chakras hips legs meditation slow-flow
After Work Reset
20-minutes vinyasa
Beginners Meditation 10 Minutes
10-minutes beginners meditation
Quick Neck, Shoulders and Hips
15-minutes hatha hips shoulders
My Hamstrings are Happy
30-minutes hatha legs vinyasa
Peace Begins With Me
30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha meditation
60 Minutes of Shoulder Loving
60-minutes hatha shoulders vinyasa
Increase Flexibility Hips & Legs
30-minutes hatha hips legs
Restore Your Energy
30-minutes evening-yoga restorative
Quick 10 Minutes Gentle Yoga
10-minutes hatha morning-yoga
Quick Grounding Yin Yoga
20-minutes grounding yin-yoga
So Hum Meditation
10-minutes meditation
Twist and Renew
30-minutes morning-yoga twists vinyasa
Happy Hips & Legs
30-minutes hips legs vinyasa
A Journey Through The Chakras
60-minutes chakras hatha vinyasa
Balancing The Yin & Yang
60-minutes hatha vinyasa yin-yang-yoga
Morning Yin Yoga
30-minutes morning-yoga yin-yoga
Sushumna Nadi Meditation
10-minutes meditation
Stress Relief 5-5-5
20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga pranayama relaxation
Core Awakening
30-minutes core hatha pranayama twists vinyasa
Have a Good Sleep
20-minutes relaxation yoga-nidra
Create Space
30-minutes hatha slow-flow
Moon Salutations 101
10-minutes gentle-yoga moon-yoga vinyasa
Connect To Your Yin
20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga morning-yoga yin-yoga
Circulate Your Energy
30-minutes morning-yoga pranayama vinyasa
Beginners Class 3
30-minutes beginners hatha
4 corners – Hips and Shoulders
60-minutes hatha hips shoulders vinyasa
Sun Salutation A Tutorial
10-minutes hatha tutorial vinyasa
10 Mins Each of Breathing/Asana/Meditation
30-minutes evening-yoga hatha meditation morning-yoga pranayama vinyasa
Downward Dog Tutorial
15-minutes poses tutorial
Welcome Back To Yourself
20-minutes hatha heart-opening meditation
Beginners Yoga Class 1
45-minutes beginners hatha
Beginners Yoga Class 2
30-minutes beginners hatha
Can’t be bothered Yoga!
30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha
Do Nothing Meditation
10-minutes meditation
Get Your Energy Moving!
30-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa
Hips and Bliss
30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga hatha hips slow-flow
Be like a Mountain Meditation
15-minutes grounding meditation
Hatha Flow for Shoulders and Upper Back
60-minutes hatha shoulders vinyasa
Water Element Yin & Yang Yoga
60-minutes hatha hips vinyasa yin-yoga yin-yang-yoga
Beneath The Waves Meditation
15-minutes meditation
Yin Yoga For The Spine
60-minutes yin-yoga
Morning Flow – Make the Spine Sing!
60-minutes hatha morning-yoga twists vinyasa
Happy Hamstrings!
60-minutes hatha legs vinyasa yin-yang-yoga
Chakra Meditation
20-minutes chakras meditation
Simple Hatha Yoga Practice 60 Minutes
60-minutes grounding hatha
Full Moon Flow 60 Minutes
60-minutes hatha moon-yoga slow-flow vinyasa
Evening Restorative Yoga Practice
30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga grounding relaxation restorative
Yin Yoga For The Chakras
45-minutes chakras yin-yoga
Grounding Floor Based Hatha Class
20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga grounding hatha hips legs relaxation
20 Minutes of Warrior Love
20-minutes grounding hatha
Moving Into Stillness – A Complete Practice
45-minutes hatha meditation pranayama vinyasa
Grounding & Balancing Flow
30-minutes grounding vinyasa
Yoga Nidra – Loving Every Layer
20-minutes heart-opening yoga-nidra
Heart Opening and Twisty Vinyasa Flow
20-minutes heart-opening morning-yoga twists vinyasa
Hips and Heart Slow Flow
30-minutes hatha heart-opening hips slow-flow vinyasa
Yoga Nidra – Who Am I?
20-minutes chakras yoga-nidra
Introduction To Square/Box Breathing
10-minutes pranayama
Yin Yoga For Neck and Shoulders
30-minutes shoulders yin-yoga
Yin Yoga For Stomach and Spleen Meridians
30-minutes yin-yoga
Fire Element Vinyasa Yoga
30-minutes vinyasa
Sun Salutations For Manipura/Fire Element
20-minutes chakras vinyasa
Grounding Yoga Practice
10-minutes chakras grounding hatha
Introduction & Meditation For Muladhara Chakra
10-minutes chakras grounding meditation
Gentle Yoga For The Shoulders and Upper Back
20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha shoulders
Counting the Breaths Meditation
5-minutes meditation
Lotus Flower Meditation
10-minutes heart-opening meditation
Full Body Yoga Flow
15-minutes hatha morning-yoga vinyasa
20 Minutes of Gentle Yoga
20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha
Body Scan Savasana

10-minutes meditation relaxation
Grounding Meditation
10-minutes grounding meditation
Warm up & Sun Salutations 20 Minutes
20-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa
5 Minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing
5-minutes pranayama
Introduction To Alternate Nostril Breathing
10-minutes pranayama
Raise Your Vibration!
20-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa
Ease Into The Day With Hatha Yoga
20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha morning-yoga
Kapala Bati & Alternate Nostril Breathing
10-minutes pranayama
Yin Yoga For Manipura Chakra
30-minutes chakras yin-yoga
Yoga Nidra – Rest Upon The Earth
20-minutes grounding meditation relaxation yoga-nidra
Yin Yoga For The Hips & Legs 30 Mins
30-minutes hips yin-yoga
Yin Yoga For Heart & Lung Meridians
30-minutes yin-yoga

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