Here at Hartig Yoga, we are so excited to be offering our very own beach yoga classes in Palm Cove in 2016!

Held just in front of Alamanda resort, the setting for our classes is near perfection.  We roll out our mats onto the soft grass under the swaying palms.  With views of world class Palm Cove beach and the sea breeze on our skin, it’s easy to let your worries melt away in this tropical paradise.


Beach Strech Palm Cove


When are the beach yoga classes?

Our beach yoga classes are held every Monday at 17.30pm- 18.40pm,  Tuesday and Wednesday and Saturday at 7.30am-8.40am (and 9am-10.10am Saturday). View our schedule here.


Do I need to book?

Yes, booking is required.  Also if you require a mat get in contact with our teacher and let her know to bring one along for you.


Beach Meditation Palm Cove


What can I expect from Beach Yoga Classes in Palm Cove?

Our classes are beginner/intermediate level and are a mix of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa yoga.  Even if you haven’t tried yoga before, the gentle pace of our classes will allow you to keep up with the practice and quickly learn some of the keys postures and breathing patterns.

Hartig Yoga classes aim to help the student to turn their gaze inwards, to focus on the breath, on the sensations each pose brings to the body and the activity and direction of the mind.  Whilst moving through a sequence of asanas (yoga postures) and focusing on the breath we can release layers of tension from the body and mind and discover a subtler and more simple way of being.

Often with the pace of modern life, we can be left feeling as if we are being pulled in all directions. Attending a beach yoga class in Palm Cove may help you to find some stillness amidst the chaos, to remind you that there is nowhere that you can truly be other than right here, in the present, in your body and with your breath.

Using props, we focus on safe alignment in the postures to help students undo bad postural habits and open and strengthen their bodies.  It’s a time to let go of the ego and what the pose ‘should’ look like and really feel the asana from the inside of your unique (and perfect!) body.

Take a look at our yoga class schedule, and get in touch to make a booking.

We hope to see you at a beach yoga class in Palm Cove soon.


Beth Hartig