Hartig Yoga’s Beach Yoga Palm Cove Reviews


 We have been offering Yoga Classes in Palm Cove for 5 and a half years now! Where has the time gone? Here is a selection of our favourite beach yoga palm cove reviews from the past 12 months. Thank you for all of your support, from locals and tourists alike.  We are so grateful that you continue to show up at Hartig Yoga classes and that you leave us beautiful reviews that make our hearts swell! 


 Yoga with a View – Anna Lisa (Creator of Bare Movement & Bare Hair Studio Palm Cove)


“You can’t go wrong when doing yoga by the beach, but yoga with Beth and Nicki is something special.

 As a local I love knowing I can turn up to any of the classes and trust i’m in a supportive environment.  Beth and Nicki both have a teaching style that allows you to go as gentle or advanced as you would like to go with voices that guide you through your practice with ease.


 I highly recommend Hartig Yoga!”


 Pure Chill and Rejuvenate – Deb, Trinity Beach 

Moved up to FNQ a bit over 5 years ago, been trying to do yoga for a couple of decades but being pretty inflexible with two replaced hips was always a challenge.  Tried most practice leaders up here now and have to say I keep coming back to Beth.  I actually finally feel like I’m flowing rather than struggling to and in each pose under her guidance.

Besides the incredible connection with nature (and soft surface!) the beach venue provides, Beth is incredible at making you feel comfortable, always encouraging you to honour your body and the message it’s sending on the day.  I’m a regular attendee and don’t think there has been two classes alike! Always fresh.  She keeps it challenging and comforting at the same time.  Her cadence is delightful to listen to during relaxation phases, she educates and encourages, as well as leading really interesting practice sessions.  


Always come away on a high! Highly recommended whether novice or long term practitioner. ” 


Love Hartig Yoga – Cheryl, Sydney

“I never really loved yoga and always found it too hard.  But I couldn’t resist trying yoga under the palm trees overlooking the water. I was pleasantly surprised.  Beth is an amazing teacher – very patient and kind.  She offers alternative poses for those of us who aren’t always as flexible as we would like to be.  The class is perfect & I can’t wait to be back in Palm Cove again & enjoy yoga classes again.”


The Ultimate in Yoga 

“I can’t really imagine a more perfect yoga than this.  Outside in an idyllic climate, tiny waves gently lapping  at the shore, palm trees casting shade over head.  Beth is a nurturing, caring instructor tailoring her classes to the needs of the students.  You come away not only feeling fitter but feeling at peace with the world.”

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