Beachfront Yoga Classes in Palm Cove


During the Second World War, the Palm Cove beach area was used as a training facility, set up by the United States army and used by the Australian Air Force and Army throughout the war.  The American forces used the vertical outcrop of Haycock Island and Double Island off the coast for training target practice.

Palm Cove Today

The vibe of Palm Cove in this day and age couldn’t be more different. Williams Esplanade runs parallel to beach and offers a range of beautiful cafes, shops, bars and resorts.  There’s an array of water sports available in the cove, and far from being the targets for military practices, Haycock Island and Double Island are the locations for relaxing into Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. And towards the south end of William’s Esplanade,  following the footpath from the road and along the beach, is the perfect location for some relaxing beach-side yoga.

Yoga in Classes in Palm Cove

The swaying palms, the sound of the ocean and the feeling of the sea breeze on your skin enable you to connect with the beautiful and tropical nature of Palm Cove, and add to the calming effect of the Hatha-flow yoga classes.  During the dry season, Palm Cove offers the perfect climate for yoga outdoors, with sunny days and average temperatures of 25 degrees c.   Whilst a large part of Australia is struggling with low temperatures and more rain fall, Palm Cove is a tropical paradise, basking in the sunshine. Palm Cove is the perfect location for outdoor activities and relaxation, whether it be taking a stroll down the beach, yoga, kiting surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking. If you live in Cairns, it really is worth the short trip out to practice some yoga classes in Palm Cove.

Sunrise Yoga in Palm Cove

Sunrise Yoga in Palm Cove

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