Join a Beginners Yoga Class in Palm Cove 

Are you looking to start a Yoga Practice, but don’t know where to start? Start right here with Hartig Yoga!  You are in safe hands with our expert team and you are the reason we are here! We want to cater for people like you. So please, join a Beginners Yoga Class in Palm Cove with us.


But which of your Yoga Classes are suitable for Beginners?

All of them.  Our classes are all Beginner to Intermediate level, which means that there is usually a pretty mixed group.  Being a complete beginner, you may find the first couple of lessons a little bit challenging (not because of the pace of the class, but because you haven’t moved in certain ways for a long time, or tried to move at the same time as your breath before).  It only takes a couple of classes to start getting the hang of it though, and you will feel the benefits of the first class straight away.

Take a look at our schedule here.

We often run Beginners Yoga Programmes too.  If you feel you would be more comfortable in a group of complete beginners, ask us when our next Beginner’s Course starts.


Where are your Beginners Yoga Classes in Palm Cove?

Our Beginners Yoga Classes are held in two locations in Palm Cove.  Most of our classes are held at Palm Cove Beach, in front of the Alamanda Resort (see pictures).  Twice a week, our classes are held on Sarayi Rooftop.  Both locations are stunning, and right in front of the ocean.  This means that we get to practice with the soothing sounds of the ocean and the sea breeze.  Pure Bliss!  Wet weather back up is available at each location (you will be advised where this is upon booking your place).

To find more information about what to expect from a Palm Cove yoga class, click here.


So what are you waiting for? Book a spot with us today!