Most people that I have met whilst travelling around Australia that have been to Cairns haven’t been to Cairns’ northern beaches.  And honestly, the northern beaches are the some of the best beaches that I have seen in all of my travels, all over the world.

Cairns Beaches are stunning.  They are sprinkled with palm trees, have glittering golden sand and warm waters.  The main beaches to check out are Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach, Palm Cove and Ellis Beach.  All of them are gorgeous in their own way and are worth a visit if you make it to Cairns on your travels.

Yoga in Cairns

In the center of Cairns, you will find many yoga studios, offering everything from Kundalini yoga to Core Vinyasa.  The standard is high and the yoga teachers of the area have years of experience in the field.  There are classes that you can go to on your lunch break, free classes on the Cairns Esplanade and evening classes to wind down from your day.

Practicing yoga in the city is convenient, but practicing yoga on Cairns’ Beaches is a whole new experience.


cairns beaches yoga



Cairns Beaches Yoga

Considering the amount of people that come to the area on holidays every year, there isn’t a lot of beach yoga on offer.

At Hartig Yoga, we bring Cairns Beaches yoga classes to Palm Cove, which is about 25 km north of Cairns.  It’s just a short 25 minute drive north up the Captain Cook Highway.

Our yoga classes are unique in that they offer sunrise yoga, outdoors in front of the ocean.  And being on the east coast, this means we get to watch the sun rise over the sea as we go through our gentle and flowing sequences.

Practicing yoga outdoors is a whole different experience to practicing in a studio.  The air can often be quite stagnant in gyms and studios, and the pollution can be high in the city.  When practicing yoga on the Cairns Beaches, we don’t have this problem.  The air is fresh- we feel the sea breeze on our skin and in our hair. Practicing yoga in nature can help you to relax into your practice even more.

For more information about yoga on Cairns’ Beaches, contact us.