Why is it important to create a home yoga space?

When we have a space that we go to everyday for practice, it makes it a lot easier.  We don’t have to clean up first. We don’t have to have the distractions of family members or house mates moving around us.  It’s your space. It’s clean, it’s ready! You are more likely to go there.

“My yoga space is in my office. I keep the office very minimal.  It’s pretty much an empty room, with a desk and computer! And a few square metres of practice space.  It is very easy to keep clean and tidy, as there is no clutter.  Not much happens in this room apart from working at the computer and my yoga practice, so it doesn’t take long to clean and refresh when I need to.”

I have a few special things in my space; a candle, an incense holder, my oracle cards and some crystals. These items help to remind me of the sacredness of my space and my practice. Also, I like practicing in the office as if I decide to follow an online yoga class, I can watch it on my computer.


Tips for setting up your own yoga space-

1) Find a space in your home that you can claim as yours! (let your partner and kids know, if necessary!) This space might be in a spare bedroom, office, balcony, outside area (make sure it’s undercover though!). If you don’t have much spare space where you live, you could create a space in your bedroom (I have had to do this sharing a small apartment with friends! It can and does work fine.) It’s helpful if it isn’t in a main communal area, so that you can close the door when you are practicing if possible.


2) Make sure the space is clean and uncluttered.  This might be where you also store your mat and props.


3) Make the space a little bit special.  This can be as simple as adding a candle to the space, which you can light when you practice, or a picture of your favourite spiritual guide/teacher.  You might have your crystals or your incense there too.   It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of that stuff though either, so long as the intention is there, the space will be perfect.

4) Try to sit on your mat everyday! Even if you just do 5 minutes of breath awareness.  You will start to associate that space with your practice and time to connect to yourself. And soon your family and housemates will too!


If you need some inspiration for your yoga practice at home, why not check out Hartig Yoga Online? At Hartig Yoga, we have over 130 different practices for you to choose from, all of varied lengths and styles (from 10-70 minutes).  I would be honoured to inspire you to practice more yoga at home! If you have any questions about starting up a home yoga practice, please do get in touch!