Arm Balances-

Some arm balances in Yoga can be pretty intimidating, but Crow Pose is accessible to everyone!   And once mastered, Crow Pose is the gateway to all of the other arm balances.

It might take a few goes, and a little bit of playing around and exploring of your strength, but fear is often the main obstacle to performing this pose.


How to do it-

Come into a squat position, with your arms between your legs and your palms on the ground. Spread your fingers and root down.

Rest your knees gently on your upper arms, anywhere between your elbows and your shoulders.

Slowly begin to transfer your weight forward onto your hands.

Gaze at a point on the ground, around half a meter in front of you.  This will help you to balance, to stay focused and will give you time to react if you fall forwards (rather than gazing straight down at the ground underneath you).

Practice at first with a pillow underneath you, so your head can land softly if you fall forward.

To start with, practice slowly lifting one leg at a time. Explore how it feels.

If you find it difficult to lift into Crow Pose from the floor, place some blocks underneath your feet you give you more height.



Improves concentration and focus.

Strengthens arms and wrists.

Stretches the upper back.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Opens the groins.

Tones the abdominal organs.



Avoid practicing this posture if you are pregnant, have a wrist injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.


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