Ekhart Yoga- The Best Online Yoga Studio

Whilst travelling around Asia early last year, I was desperate to get to a yoga class and establish some kind of routine with my yoga practice again.  My practice had pretty much ground to a halt and I knew that I needed to get back into it.  It was tough to do though, moving around so much, finding the space and time to keep it up. Luckily I found Ekhart Yoga!

That’s when I started looking online. I was in Thailand and finding it impossible to find a yoga teacher that I connected with, so one evening I looked up yoga classes on You tube and I found Esther Ekhart.  I then followed the link to her site Ekhartyoga.com, and I haven’t looked back since!


What does Ekhart Yoga Offer?

Ekhart Yoga offers over 1000 high quality videos, sharing yoga, meditation, pranayama, relaxation classes and talks.  There are an array of teachers working with Esther now, from all over the world, teaching the many styles of yoga.

There’s something for everyone on Ekhart Yoga, all of the different styles of yoga, catering for beginners to advanced yogis.  If you feel tight in the hips, you can search for hip opening classes and take your pick. If you are feeling wiped out, you can search for a low energy restorative class. There is so much choice.



I cannot rate this site highly enough. And I am not  being paid to advertise for them.. I just love it!  Since joining 15 months ago, I have learnt so much. And all from the comfort of my own bedroom!


Become a member

By paying just 12.50 EURO a month, you get unlimited access to all of the classes on the site. New classes are added on every week day.  Ekhart Yoga also introduce new programs every month for their members to take part in, for example, this month we are building up to doing 108 sun salutations on June 21st for the International Day of Yoga.  New classes are added throughout the month to help ‘train’ you up to be able to participate in the 108 sun salutations.

The teachers on the site also invite you to comment on their classes, and to leave any questions if you have any.  In every comment that I have left, a teacher has responded.  Although you are not physically going to class, their is a real Ekhart Yoga community spirit.

Whether you are young, old, fat thin, male, female, this site has something for you. It’s changed my life and I want to shout about it from the roof tops!

Thanks for reading,


Beth Hartig

Hartig Yoga

P.S. If you are in Palm Cove, or the Cairns region, and would like to try out a yoga class with Hartig Yoga, contact us here.