Find your power with Goddess Pose! Just practicing it for a minute or so every day will bring strength and fire to your body and mind.  And when combined with ‘Eagle arms’ (taken from Eagle Pose), this variation really works on the whole body.



How to do it-

From Tadasana, step your right leg behind you and turn your body to face the right side of your mat.

Turn your feet parallel first, and then turn both feet out diagonally so that they are facing the corners of the mat.

First we must check to distance between the feet (which differs from person to person).  To do this, bend your knees and check that your knees and ankles are in line as you squat down.  We want to keep this alignment in the posture.

Now squat down into the position, pressing your feet evenly into the ground and gently drawing your lower abdomen in towards the spine.

For the Eagle arms-

Raise your arms to shoulder height along side the body, so that there is a horizontal line running from one palm to the other.

Bring your arms in front of you, taking the right arm underneath the left arm and hooking at the elbows.

Then try to bring the palms together, or if your body doesn’t want to take it that far, just hold the right wrist with the left hand.

Raise the elbows to shoulder height once in position, and feel the lovely stretch in the shoulders.

Stay here for 5 long and deep breaths.


Goddess Variation



Stretches the hips and groin area.

Strengthens the core muscles.

Strengthen the legs- the quadriceps, and inner thighs.

Stretches the shoulders and upper back

Makes you feel like a powerful Goddess.



Avoid this pose if you have had recent injury to the hips, shoulders or legs.


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