Half Moon pose aka Ardha Chandrasana, a one legged balancing pose with a twist! Not the easiest of poses when you first start practicing yoga, but with focus and dedication, Half Moon pose can be yours!



How to do it-

There are many transitions into Half Moon Pose, but I like to come into it through Warrior 3.

So from Warrior 3 on your right side, slowly begin to tilt your body weight forward, bending your right knee if you need to and bringing your right hand onto the ground in front of your right foot (fingers tips touching the floor will do, you don’t have to have your palms touching the ground if that isn’t accessible for you. And if fingers tips don’t reach either, put your hand on a block/book. If you still cant reach, grab a chair and rest your forearm on it).

Slowly begin to raise your left leg, whilst externally rotating your left hip joint (this means turning your hip outwards, away from the body.  In warrior 3, the hips are squared forwards, where as in this pose, the hip of the raised leg is externally rotated).

Slowly begin to turn your upper body to the left side as you externally rotate your hip, keeping your chest nice and open and raising your left arm up towards the sky.

Gaze up towards your left hand (when you have your balance! Gaze down at the ground/ or wherever you like until you feel stable)

See if you can stay in Half Moon Pose for 5 deep breaths.

(Wobbling and collapsing is likely, and is part of it.  It’s why its called a yoga ‘practice’! Keep at it, stay with the breath and don’t take yourself too seriously!)


Half Moon Pose - Yoga in Palm Cove (640x480)



Strengthens the ankles, legs, abdominal muscles and spine

Improves mental focus

Improves balance

Stretches the chest and shoulders, the spine, groin, hamstrings and calf muscles.



Avoid practicing this pose if you have low blood pressure.

If you experience pain in the neck, turn your head straight ahead instead of gazing up towards your hand.

Avoid Half Moon Pose if you have a headache or migraine.


Try it in a Palm Cove Yoga class with Hartig Yoga.