The yoga pose that is most frequently posted on Instagram, Lord of the Dance Pose. But what are the benefits of this pose that we see so often performed against a sun set back drop? (apart from looking amazing?!)  In this post I will also describe a simpler variation of this extravagant pose, for those of us who have quite tight hips and hamstrings.


How to do it

Come into Tadasana

Slowly transfer your weight into your left leg.  Engage the muscles of your left leg, drawing the knee cap upwards (if you try to move your knee cap it should stay in the same position)

Bend your right leg, and draw the heel of your right foot towards your buttock, briefly stretching the quadriceps (front of the thigh). Take hold of your right foot with your right hand to help it into this position.

Gaze at something straight ahead of you to keep your balance.

Reach your left arm up into the air, lengthening and creating space in the side body.

Slowly begin to draw your right leg behind you with your right hand, so that your thigh runs parallel to the ground.

Find your edge- lift your leg behind you to the place in the pose where you can feel a good stretch in the thigh and groin of your right leg.

Try to keep your upper body fairly upright and your chest open.

For a more advanced version of this pose, instead of holding your right foot with your right hand, reach you left hand behind the body and take hold of the right foot. This variation further stretches the shoulder and opens the chest and challenges your balance a bit more.

Breathe deeply. Stay for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Repeat Lord of the Dance Pose on the other side.


Lord of the dance pose



Improves balance.

Strengthens the standing leg.

Stretches the abdomen, thigh and groin.

Stretches the shoulders and opens the chest.



Take caution practicing this pose if you have low blood pressure.


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