In one of our classes this week we focused on Self Love. It’s become a ‘buzz’ phrase of late (and rightly so!) and so we used it as a focal point of our practice in Palm Cove. 



The Perfect Version of Ourselves



It came to me in a dream the night before the class. In the dream I was telling a friend of mine to picture and describe this image of her ‘perfect self’ that she has in her mind. We all have it, to some extent at least. She was going into detail about what she would look like… tanned skin, flat and toned tummy, white teeth.. etc etc. I was asking her to really feel into this idea of her perfect self. How she acts. How she talks. How she carries herself. How she does things. Once the picture was fully created, I told her to let her go. Let this imaginary lady leave your field. For you are constantly comparing yourself to her, and you will never be her. She is unattainable. She isn’t your truth and will leave you feeling inadequate and exhausted as you constantly seek to catch up with her perfection. 


Choosing Self Love instead



For me, this perfect person gets so much done! She is so efficient, focused and clearheaded.  When I don’t feel like that, or I don’t achieve as much as i had planned in my head (like today actually- I’m child free and the list I have given myself to get through is probably unattainable!).  This perfect version of me would have a few more kg’s of weight on her (I know right?! most people want the opposite).  She would have less wrinkles. She would be well dressed (not a last minute grab of clothes in the morning).  When we go into it, the list really does go on.  And it’s time that we let this go! I am perfect in my imperfections, and so are you.


Loving Every Layer 


Instead of thinking of all the things we would like to change about our bodies, we focussed on loving each part of our body. These bodies are just borrowed after all. Our soul uses our body to navigate its way through life. To learn the lessons that are needed to be learnt. To enjoy. To connect. To share.  



Instead we gave love, deep appreciation and gratitide to our bodies, for doing all that they do for us. Even the parts we aren’t so keen on. Especially the parts we aren’t so keen on. For our bodies are here to serve us. Constantly doing all that they can to stay in balance, to stay alive. And instead of hating on our bodies, we loved on them.



In our savasana we continued to let the love spread over every inch of our whole bodies. We then loved upon our ‘mental body’- the mind stuff. The beliefs the opinions the memories.. all of it was held in the eyes of love. We then loved on our emotional bodies. All the ‘feels’ that we experience as human beings. The rollercoaster of emotions at times. The ups and downs, ebb and flow. All of it, held completely, as it is, by love. 



It is such an important practice, self love. Not just doing a face mask and having a green drink once a week. Conscious love and appreciation and acceptance for all that you are, on all levels. And all that you have been through. This is self love. 



Thanks for listening,  


Beth Hartig x

Hartig Yoga