It’s great to practice yoga in the morning.


Because your practice will set you up for the rest of the day.  Sometimes we hold so much tension in our bodies and minds.  Imagine leaving all of that behind, breathing and moving it all out. Imagine starting your day differently. When we practice yoga first thing in the morning, that is exactly what we do. We give ourselves the chance to have a much better day.

But how?

When we practice yoga, we become very aware of our bodies and minds.  We can feel areas of tension that need to be stretched out in the body and we can consciously work on these areas, stretching them out.  We spend the majority of the class breathing very deeply- often to our full capacity.  This is incredibly detoxifying for the body, ridding it of carbon dioxide and nourishing it with oxygen. And we get the chance to relax.  When you sit on your yoga mat nothing else matters but what is happening inside your body at that moment.  External conditions are constantly changing, our lives, our relationships, ourselves. Everything is changing. But the rolling out of your yoga mat can be the one thing that doesn’t change. The peace created nurturing yourself with yoga first thing in the morning will come forth with you into the rest of your day.  The people around you will notice a lightness about you. Everything will flow with a bit more ease.

Yoga Class Palm Cove


Morning Yoga Class in Palm Cove

Whether you are on holiday in Palm Cove and want to try something new to take your relaxation to the next level, or you are a local (lucky you!) and want to reconnect to the relaxed holiday vibe of the place, a morning yoga class with Hartig Yoga is sure to help you achieve just that.

Our morning classes run every Wednesdays at 07:00-08:15 and Sundays at 07:30-08:45.

We start with a short meditation and then gently warm up the body with movement and breath.  We then move into a gentle flow of asanas (poses) which are accessible to all ages and levels.

Mats are provided. The biggest step is getting yourself to class!

For more information about our classes, click here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, email us, or call 0421322691.

I hope to see you in class soon. Treat yourself to a morning yoga class in Palm Cove.


Beth Hartig

Hartig Yoga