Located at the bottom of the spine, the Muladhara chakra or Root chakra is the first of the 7 chakras.  Being the first of the 7 energy points, this chakra is where our Kundalini energy originates.



Problems/blockages in this chakra affect the rest of the chakras.  Imagine each chakra being like a roundabout, all connected by highways. When the first roundabout is blocked, the cars (or energy) cannot move up the highways freely. This is why work with the base chakra is so important, and there isn’t much work that can be done on the other chakras until this one is functioning properly.


The Root Chakra is related to the physical world and our connection to the earth. It is the connection between us and our physical world.   When in balance, you will feel grounded, safe and secure. Life becomes easier because you feel centered and know that you are able to look after yourself.  This chakra is related to the adrenal gland- the endocrine gland that governs the fight or flight response. It governs our survival instincts.  We are not often confronted with near death experiences in daily life, however our bodies still trigger the flight or flight response when exposed to stressful situations. A balanced root chakra ensures that we feel safe secure and grounded, whatever our life situation.


A yoga practice that can help.

I really benefit from a grounding yoga practice, as my energy is often all in my head. My head will buzz with thoughts and worries and day dreams and I can literally be so deep in a day dream about something that is ‘going to happen’ or reliving something that has happened, that I am not present in my body at all, let alone grounded!


So I like to try a practice that is slow and grounding.  Take a few sun salutations, and really focus on the parts of the body that are in contact with the ground. Practice a few standing poses and forward bends, focusing on your legs and hips and feet.  Finish with a really long and grounding relaxation.


Meditiation can also help.  Try this meditation from Esther Tuele (my favourite online teacher!)





Additional information about the Muladhara Chakra-


It is related to the colour red.  It can be nice to practice a meditation just focusing on the area at the bottom of your spine (even if you can’t feel anything there) and visualising the colour red, or a red lotus flower.

Chanting the mantra Lam (pronounced LARM). If chanting feels a a bit too much for you, try just closing your eyes and slowly repeating it to yourself in your head.  Repeating mantras really is a powerful way to calm and focus the mind (i will write a little more about Mantra in another post!)

Muladhara Chakra is related to the earth element (as you will see is later posted, each chakra corresponds to an element)

Foot and leg massages are also a great way to balance this chakra, stimulating the circulation and energies in a downward direction.



Root Chakra



If you would like anymore information about the first chakra, feel free to get in touch.

And perhaps you would like to try a grounding yoga class in Palm Cove?