Practice Yoga Anywhere and Anytime with Hartig Yoga Online! 

Hello There! I’m Beth Hartig


I’m so happy that you are here! If you create a Membership with Hartig Yoga, you will have instant access to a variety of pre-recorded Yoga and Meditation sessions lead by myself.

I want to make Yoga really accessible for everybody.  Sometimes it’s hard to get to class with work/family/life commitments! An online membership with Hartig Yoga makes it easy to find your calm, anywhere and anytime.

You will have access to a library of my Online Yoga Classes, which will be updated with regularly (so that your practice stays varied and exciting BUT you still have access to your old favourites too.)

What can I expect from an Online Membership with Hartig Yoga?

A Variety of Styles-

Vinyasa, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Pranayama,Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation classes.

A Variety of Class Lengths-

Choose a Yoga Class that fits into the amount of free time that you have available! e.g. If you only have 20 Minutes, you can search for 20 minute classes.

Free Trial-


Try before you buy! With the Month By Month membership plan, you can have a 7 day free trail, to see if it’s for you.


Your Input-

This is YOUR space, so we want to hear what you want! Please contact us and let us know if there is any particular class that you would like to see in this space.



If you become a Hartig Yoga Online Member, you get 20% off our class passes!  This means that you can get 5 for $52.50 instead of $65.