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Sun Salutations & Hamstrings

Another 30 minute practice to warm up and stretch out the backs of the legs. We move through some sun salutations and add some poses that help to open up the backs of the legs.

30 Minutes, Legs, Vinyasa, , 30-minutes legs vinyasa30-minutes legs vinyasa
Letting Go with Yin Yoga

An inwards journey into letting go. We spent 3 minutes in each pose, and go deep within. Releasing what no longer needs to be in our present experience.

60 Minutes, Yin Yoga, 60-minutes yin-yoga60-minutes yin-yoga
Beginners Yoga Class 4 – Seated Poses

A short beginners practice. We start with a few sun salutations to warm up the body and then move to the floor to learn a few of the key seated postures.

20 Minutes, Beginners, Hatha, , 20-minutes beginners hatha20-minutes beginners hatha
Svadhisthana Chakra 60 Mins

A 60 Minute practice to balance your Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra. We do a lot of work with the hips and bringing our focus down into the lower belly point, where this chakra resides. If you are lacking creatively or libido, this could be the practice for you!

60 Minutes, Chakras, Hips, Legs, Meditation, Slow Flow, , , 60-minutes chakras hips legs meditation slow-flow60-minutes chakras meditation slow-flow
After Work Reset

A practice to get your energy moving after a long day working.. especially good if you have spend most of the day seated! This all activate your body and breath and help you to release your day.

20 Minutes, Vinyasa, 20-minutes vinyasa20-minutes vinyasa
Beginners Meditation 10 Minutes

A 10 minute simple meditation. Perfect for complete beginners. Try to repeat this everyday for a few days/week and notice the positive effect it has on your sense of wellbeing.

10 Minutes, Beginners, Meditation, , 10-minutes beginners meditation10-minutes beginners meditation
Quick Neck, Shoulders and Hips

A perfect practice to do if you have been sitting at a desk all day. We move and open the neck, shoulders and hips. Short and sweet!

15 Minutes, Hatha, Hips, Shoulders, , , 15-minutes hatha hips shoulders15-minutes hatha hips shoulders
My Hamstrings are Happy

A Hatha Flow/Slow Vinyasa yoga practice which has a focus on the hamstrings and the backs of the legs. We do quite a few forward folds, which have a very calming effect on the nervous system. You may need a block for this practice.

30 Minutes, Hatha, Legs, Vinyasa, , , 30-minutes hatha legs vinyasa30-minutes hatha legs vinyasa
Peace Begins With Me

A 30 Minute practice to find peace within. A mix of Hatha and Yin yoga and meditation to invoke a sense of peace within your heart.

30 Minutes, Gentle Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, , 30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha meditation30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha
60 Minutes of Shoulder Loving

60 Minutes of Yoga love for your shoulders and chest. In this practice we will start and finish slowly with some longer holds, with a bit of spicy flow in the middle. Your shoulders will thank you!

60 Minutes, Hatha, Shoulders, Vinyasa, , , 60-minutes hatha shoulders vinyasa60-minutes hatha shoulders vinyasa
Increase Flexibility Hips & Legs

A 30 Minute Practice to help increase the flexibility of your hips and your legs. A pretty chilled Hatha class, with most of the postures laying down and sitting.

30 Minutes, Hatha, Hips, Legs, , , 30-minutes hatha hips legs30-minutes hatha hips legs
Restore Your Energy

A deliciously restorative practice, for when you are feeling low energy. Perfect for moon cycle days, or when you have been very busy and need to balance yourself out.

30 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Restorative, , 30-minutes evening-yoga restorative30-minutes evening-yoga restorative
Quick 10 Minutes Gentle Yoga

A quick gentle 10 minute yoga practice to start your day feeling goooood!

10 Minutes, Hatha, Morning Yoga, , 10-minutes hatha morning-yoga10-minutes hatha morning-yoga
Quick Grounding Yin Yoga

A short and sweet Yin Yoga practice that will leave you feeling grounded and calm.

20 Minutes, Grounding, Yin Yoga, , 20-minutes grounding yin-yoga20-minutes grounding yin-yoga
So Hum Meditation

Enjoy a 10 minute meditation, where by we focus on the mantra ‘So Hum’

10 Minutes, Meditation, 10-minutes meditation10-minutes meditation
Twist and Renew

A beautiful practice for the spine. Expect some side stretches, twists, balances and back bends that will make your spine sing with gratitude!

30 Minutes, Morning Yoga, Twists, Vinyasa, , , 30-minutes morning-yoga twists vinyasa30-minutes morning-yoga twists vinyasa
Happy Hips & Legs

A 30 minute flow for the hips and legs. Helping to build strength and mobility in the hips and leg, but also in the mind.

30 Minutes, Hips, Legs, Vinyasa, , , 30-minutes hips legs vinyasa30-minutes hips legs vinyasa
A Journey Through The Chakras

In this 60 minute practice, we take a journey through the 7 chakras, using asana (posture) and affirmations to connect to each one. I hope you feel balanced afterwards!

60 Minutes, Chakras, Hatha, Vinyasa, , , 60-minutes chakras hatha vinyasa60-minutes chakras hatha vinyasa
Balancing The Yin & Yang

A 60 minute practice to balance the masculine/feminine energies that we all hold within. This practice will be partly strong (Yang-Masculine) and partly soft (Yin- Feminine) to help bring you into balance. We start and finish the practice with alternate nostril breathing.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang Yoga, , , 60-minutes hatha vinyasa yin-yang-yoga60-minutes hatha vinyasa yin-yang-yoga
Morning Yin Yoga

A 30 minute Yin Yoga practice to open the meridians on all sides of your body. You will feel relaxed, yet activated, for your day.

30 Minutes, Morning Yoga, Yin Yoga, , 30-minutes morning-yoga yin-yoga30-minutes morning-yoga yin-yoga
Sushumna Nadi Meditation

In this short meditation, we focus on our main energy channel – Sushumna Nadi. This practice helps to balance the chakras and helps you to achieve a calm and focused mind.

10 Minutes, Meditation, 10-minutes meditation10-minutes meditation
Stress Relief 5-5-5

A short set for when your are feeling stressed out, and need to switch your mindset. We do 5 minutes of 4-8 breathing, 5 minutes of Yoga Asana and 5 minutes of guided relaxation. This will help come out of fight/flight mode and into rest and digest.

20 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Pranayama, Relaxation, , , , 20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga pranayama relaxation20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga pranayama relaxation
Core Awakening

Enjoy a 30 minute sequence to get some fire in your belly! We start with Kapala Bati and a twisty pranayama practice and then do some postures focused on the abdominal area.

30 Minutes, Core, Hatha, Pranayama, Twists, Vinyasa, , , 30-minutes core hatha pranayama twists vinyasa30-minutes core hatha vinyasa
Have a Good Sleep

Some breathing exercises and a guided relaxation to help you get to sleep. Sweet dreams!

20 Minutes, Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, 20-minutes relaxation yoga-nidrarelaxation yoga-nidra
Create Space

A 30 minute practice to create space in the body and mind. We stay low to the ground and move through some simple postures to open the upper and lower body. expect to feel spacious, yet grounded.

30 Minutes, Hatha, Slow Flow, , 30-minutes hatha slow-flow30-minutes hatha slow-flow
Moon Salutations 101

In this video I break down Moon Salutations. A soft, vinyasa flow sequence to connect with the lunar energy, and a softer way of being.

10 Minutes, Gentle Yoga, Moon Yoga, Vinyasa, , , 10-minutes gentle-yoga moon-yoga vinyasa10-minutes gentle-yoga moon-yoga vinyasa
Connect To Your Yin

20 minutes of Yin Yoga to “slow the f*** down!”. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the doing, that we forget to stop, to breathe and to receive the fruits of our labour. We just do 4 Yin Yoga poses – Butterfly, Sphinx, and reclined Twist each way…. but expect a complete shift in your energy and how you move through the rest of your day.

20 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Morning Yoga, Yin Yoga, 20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga morning-yoga yin-yoga20-minutes yin-yoga
Circulate Your Energy

A 30 Minute practice to help circulate your energy aka. shift any stagnancy and make space for creativity and inspired action! Sometimes all we need is to move and breathe and everything feels a whole lot better. A mix of body shaking, pranayama and vinyasa yoga.

30 Minutes, Morning Yoga, Pranayama, Vinyasa, , , 30-minutes morning-yoga pranayama vinyasa30-minutes morning-yoga pranayama vinyasa
Beginners Class 3

In this class we go over what we have learnt in classes 1 and 2 of the beginners series, and learn a few more standing poses.

30 Minutes, Beginners, Hatha, , 30-minutes beginners hatha30-minutes beginners hatha
Throat Chakra Set

The quality of this video isn’t the best- but its a nice practice so I wanted to share it anyway.
Enjoy a practice for the throat chakra. Using kundalini exercises we awaken and balance this area.

20 Minutes, Chakras, Meditation, Pranayama, , , , 20-minutes chakras meditation pranayama20-minutes chakras meditation pranayama throat
4 corners – Hips and Shoulders

Enjoy a 60 minute practice to open the hips and shoulders. Our Peak pose is Cow Face Pose- for which we need quite open shoulders and hips! So we move through the sequence to create space in those areas. Perfect for morning or evening.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Hips, Shoulders, Vinyasa, , , , 60-minutes hatha hips shoulders vinyasa60-minutes hatha hips shoulders vinyasa
Sun Salutation A Tutorial

In this video I break down Sun Salutation A. Sun Salutation A is a short flow that is included in most yoga classes (or variations of this anyway). It’s a great stand alone practice, or can be used to warm up the body for further physical practices / meditation practices.

I hope you enjoy it!

10 Minutes, Hatha, Tutorial, Vinyasa, , 10-minutes hatha tutorial vinyasa10-minutes hatha vinyasa
10 Mins Each of Breathing/Asana/Meditation

A great practice for when you haven’t got much time, but you still want to feel the full benefits. We start with 10 minutes of Square breathing, then move into a short 10 minutes Slow Flow and finish with a seated meditation (but you can choose the lay down if you like).
Perfect for morning or evening.

30 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, Morning Yoga, Pranayama, Vinyasa, , , , , , 30-minutes evening-yoga hatha meditation morning-yoga pranayama vinyasa30-minutes evening-yoga hatha meditation morning-yoga pranayama vinyasa
Downward Dog Tutorial

In this video I give you a few options for if you are struggling with your Downward Facing Dog Pose. You will learn a few postures to practice to help open the shoulders and legs and a few modifications that you can add to your posture to make it more comfortable.

15 Minutes, Poses, Tutorial, 15-minutes poses tutorialposes tutorial
Top Ten Essential Oils

In this video, I talk about my other passion… essential oils! They enhance my life in so many beautiful ways, and I would love to share them with you. This kit covers so much ground – respiratory support, immune support, sleep, focus, cleaning, calming, energising… the list goes on! I could talk all day, but decided to keep in short and sweet.

Reach out to me if you need help ordering your first home essentials kit, or if you have any questions – bethanyhartig@gmail.com

20 Minutes, Essential Oils, 20-minutes essential-oils20-minutes essential-oils
Welcome Back To Yourself

20 Minutes connecting to your heart space with physical postures and a meditation. Sometimes, all we need is a gentle reminder to come back to ourselves. A simple class for when you don’t have much time, but need to come out of your head and back into your body.

20 Minutes, Hatha, Heart Opening, Meditation, , 20-minutes hatha heart-opening meditation20-minutes hatha heart-opening
Beginners Yoga Class 1

A 45 Minute Practice where I introduce a simple warm up and Sun Salutation A. We go into each pose into detail, so that you have a good understanding of the key components of each pose.

45 Minutes, Beginners, Hatha, , 45-minutes beginners hatha45-minutes beginners hatha
Beginners Yoga Class 2

The second class in our Beginners Yoga series. In this class we go over what we learnt in class 1, and add 3 standing poses too- Crescent Lunge, Triangle Pose and Wide Legged Forward Fold. We finish with a guided relaxation.

30 Minutes, Beginners, Hatha, , 30-minutes beginners hatha30-minutes beginners hatha
Can’t be bothered Yoga!

A 30 Minute Yoga practice for those days when, well, you really can’t be bothered! A floor based Hatha practice that doesn’t expend too much energy, but hopefully leaves you feeling more open and connected than before.

30 Minutes, Gentle Yoga, Hatha, , 30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha30-minutes gentle-yoga hatha
Do Nothing Meditation

Do nothing with me, for 10 minutes.

10 Minutes, Meditation, 10-minutes meditation10-minutes meditation
Get Your Energy Moving!

A great practice when you want to move your body and shift your energy, but you are short on time. 30 minutes vinyasa flow, with some Qi gong exercises and breathing techniques thrown in to lift your spirits.

30 Minutes, Morning Yoga, Vinyasa, , 30-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa30-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa
Hips and Bliss

30 Minutes of Hatha Flow for the hips. We start with some S breathing to calm the nervous system and then move through a sequence to open the hips. Pigeon Pose is the peak pose, and we spend 5 s breaths on each side. Delicious and restful practice.

30 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha, Hips, Slow Flow, , , , , 30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga hatha hips slow-flow30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga hatha hips slow-flow
Be like a Mountain Meditation

Sit with me and practice ‘being like a mountain’ for 15 minutes.

15 Minutes, Grounding, Meditation, , 15-minutes grounding meditation15-minutes grounding meditation
Hatha Flow for Shoulders and Upper Back

Some of us (including me!) hold the weight of the world on our shoulders. This is where was can hold tensions, worries and our sense of responsibility. Move with me through the sequence as we unravel tensions in the upper body & the mind. 60 Minutes of Hatha/Vinyasa for all levels.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Shoulders, Vinyasa, , , 60-minutes hatha shoulders vinyasa60-minutes hatha shoulders vinyasa
Water Element Yin & Yang Yoga

In this 60 Minute practice, we connect to the Water element. We start and finish in Yin Yoga Postures, with a Vinyasa Flow in between. The focus is on the hips, and we do many poses that open and strengthen them, finishing with our ‘peak pose’ Pigeon/Swan. A class that will leave you feeling open in the hips and calm in the mind.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Hips, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yin/Yang Yoga, , , , 60-minutes hatha hips vinyasa yin-yoga yin-yang-yoga60-minutes hips vinyasa yin-yoga yin-yang-yoga
Beneath The Waves Meditation

Join me for a delicious ‘Beneath the waves’ 15 minutes meditation. Dropping beneath the fluctuations of the mind, we can access a space of deep calm within.

15 Minutes, Meditation, 15-minutes meditation15-minutes meditation
Yin Yoga For The Spine

Join me for a delicious 60 minutes of Yin Yoga for the spine. Whilst we are in the poses, we will practice presence and use the 3-4 minutes in each pose as a ‘mini meditation’. Expect to feel really relaxed and open after this practice.

60 Minutes, Yin Yoga, 60-minutes yin-yoga60-minutes yin-yoga
Morning Flow – Make the Spine Sing!

Good Morning! Enjoy 60 Minutes of Hatha Flow for the spine. We will take the spine through all of its possible movements – flexion, extension, lateral flexion and spinal twists. Expect to feel energised and connected.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Morning Yoga, Twists, Vinyasa, , , , 60-minutes hatha morning-yoga twists vinyasa60-minutes hatha morning-yoga twists vinyasa
Happy Hamstrings!

Enjoy a 60 Minute Yoga Practice to stretch out the backs of the legs. We start with a few Yin Yoga poses, and then move into Sun Salutations and Standing poses to lengthen the hamstrings. We finish in a lovely savasana. Expect to feel more flexible in body and mind.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Legs, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang Yoga, , , , 60-minutes hatha legs vinyasa yin-yang-yoga60-minutes hatha legs vinyasa yin-yang-yoga
Chakra Meditation

A Journey into stillness, through the 7 chakras.

20 Minutes, Chakras, Meditation, , 20-minutes chakras meditation20-minutes chakras meditation
Simple Hatha Yoga Practice 60 Minutes

In this class, we go through a centering meditation, a short warm up, four rounds of Sun Salutation A, Standing Poses, Seated Poses and Supine Poses (laying down), topped off with a blissful guided relaxation. Beginner – Intermediate Level. A perfect all round practice, suitable for most people.

60 Minutes, Grounding, Hatha, , 60-minutes grounding hatha60-minutes grounding hatha
Full Moon Flow 60 Minutes

A blissful and gentle moon practice. Expect some gentle hip opening flows, some moon salutes, a few standing poses (warrior 2 and wide leg forward fold) some hip opening on the ground and a delicious guided relaxation. You will feel blissed out and connected to a softer way of being.

60 Minutes, Hatha, Moon Yoga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, , , , 60-minutes hatha moon-yoga slow-flow vinyasa60-minutes hatha moon-yoga slow-flow vinyasa
Evening Restorative Yoga Practice

Join me for a deeply nourishing 30 minute Yoga practice. We will be laying down the whole time, and not expending any energy. Perfect for after being on your feet all day, or if you are feeling a bit run down. I hope it nourishes you!

30 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Grounding, Relaxation, Restorative, , , , 30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga grounding relaxation restorative30-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga relaxation restorative
Yin Yoga For The Chakras

Join me on a Yin Yoga journey through the 7 chakras. We will move through each chakra, starting from the Root Chakra and moving up to the Crown chakra, working with poses that help to balance each energy centre. I hope you enjoy this practice!

45 Minutes, Chakras, Yin Yoga, , 45-minutes chakras yin-yoga45-minutes chakras yin-yoga
Grounding Floor Based Hatha Class

Enjoy 20 Minute of Floor Based Hatha Postures, to open the hips and legs. A perfect practice if you are feeling low energy, but still want to move the body and little bit.

20 Minutes, Evening Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Grounding, Hatha, Hips, Legs, Relaxation, , , , , 20-minutes evening-yoga gentle-yoga grounding hatha hips legs relaxation20-minutes evening-yoga grounding hatha hips legs
20 Minutes of Warrior Love

A 20 Minute Hatha Yoga Class, where we focus on Warrior Poses. Warrior Poses strengthen the hips and the legs and have a very grounding effect on our being. A perfect practice for when you don’t have much time, but want to feel like you have worked your legs and calmed your mind. Enjoy!

20 Minutes, Grounding, Hatha, , 20-minutes grounding hatha20-minutes grounding hatha
Moving Into Stillness – A Complete Practice

A mixed bag of all of my favourite practices – Simple Qi Gong, Yoga Asana, Alternate Nostril Breathing and Meditation. This practice is a good all rounder and can be practiced at anytime of the day. It will leave you feeling open, relaxed and centered.

45 Minutes, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Vinyasa, , , , 45-minutes hatha meditation pranayama vinyasa45-minutes hatha meditation pranayama vinyasa
Grounding & Balancing Flow

In this flow, we will connect to our Hara (Earth Centre), our breath and that which touches the earth. Each of these elements leaves us feeling grounded and connected. I hope you enjoy the practice.

30 Minutes, Grounding, Vinyasa, , 30-minutes grounding vinyasa30-minutes grounding vinyasa
Yoga Nidra – Loving Every Layer

Join me for a Self Love Yoga Nidra – Loving Every Layer.
I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and love for every part and every layer of your sweet self.
I hope you enjoy this practice, from my heart to yours.

20 Minutes, Heart Opening, Yoga Nidra, , 20-minutes heart-opening yoga-nidra20-minutes heart-opening yoga-nidra
Heart Opening and Twisty Vinyasa Flow

Join me for a Vinyasa practice that will get your heart pumping! In this energising practice, we will focus on opening the heart and twisting the torso. A perfect practice to help start the day with energy and enthusiasm, or to release stagnant energy in the afternoon.

20 Minutes, Heart Opening, Morning Yoga, Twists, Vinyasa, , 20-minutes heart-opening morning-yoga twists vinyasa20-minutes heart-opening vinyasa
Hips and Heart Slow Flow

Enjoy a 30 Minute practice to open the heart space and the hips. We will stay low to the mat as we flow and groove into our tight spots, finding deep physical and energetic release.

30 Minutes, Hatha, Heart Opening, Hips, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, , , , , 30-minutes hatha heart-opening hips slow-flow vinyasa30-minutes hatha heart-opening hips slow-flow vinyasa
Yoga Nidra – Who Am I?

In this Yoga Nidra we ask the question ‘Who Am I?’ I will take you on a journey deep within your manipura chakra, where we will explore the constructs of the self and meditate on the mantra ‘So Hum’- I am all that is.

20 Minutes, Chakras, Yoga Nidra, , , 20-minutes chakras yoga-nidra20-minutes chakras manipura yoga-nidra
Introduction To Square/Box Breathing

A simple breathing technique to calm the nervous system and centre the mind.

Inhale for the count of 4. Hold for the count of 4. Exhale for the count of 4. Stay empty for the count of 4.

Do not hold the breath if you are pregnant. Pregnant ladies can still practice with us, but just breathe in for the count of 4 and out for the count of 4, without any breath retention.

10 Minutes, Pranayama, 10-minutes pranayama10-minutes pranayama
Yin Yoga For Neck and Shoulders

Enjoy a 30 minute Yin Yoga Class that aims to release tension in the neck and shoulder area. A perfect practice to find stillness and practice self inquiry, whilst releasing layers of tension from the physical body.

30 Minutes, Shoulders, Yin Yoga, , 30-minutes shoulders yin-yoga30-minutes shoulders yin-yoga
Yin Yoga For Stomach and Spleen Meridians

When we work with the Stomach and Spleen Meridians, we can reduce worried feelings. A perfect practice for when you need to slow down and work with anxiety/worry, whilst stimulating digestion.

30 Minutes, Yin Yoga, 30-minutes yin-yoga30-minutes yin-yoga
Fire Element Vinyasa Yoga

Enjoy a 30 minute practice to connect to the fire within. In this practice we explore a vinyasa flow with lunges, balance work and twists, chair pose to boat pose (!), simple back bends and a guided savasana. I hope you enjoy fanning the flames of your inner fire!

30 Minutes, Vinyasa, 30-minutes vinyasa30-minutes vinyasa
Sun Salutations For Manipura/Fire Element

Move through this Vinyasa Flow that will stoke your inner fire! Connect to your Manipura Chakra and the Fire within.
We start with one of my favourite breathing exercises- Breath of Joy. We warm up with Sun salutations, adding poses that twist the torso and open the quads, in preparation for Bow Pose.

20 Minutes, Chakras, Vinyasa, , , 20-minutes chakras vinyasa20-minutes chakras manipura vinyasa
Grounding Yoga Practice

A 10 Minute Hatha practice to ground your energy.

We start with a grounding Qi Gong exercise and then move through some Goddess Poses, Wide Leg Forward Folds and Warrior 2s.

A simple, quick and effective way to Ground yourself.

10 Minutes, Chakras, Grounding, Hatha, , 10-minutes chakras grounding hatha10-minutes grounding hatha
Introduction & Meditation For Muladhara Chakra

In the video, I give you a short introduction to Muladhara (Root) Chakra and it’s qualities. We then practice a short meditation to balance this chakra.

10 Minutes, Chakras, Grounding, Meditation, , , 10-minutes chakras grounding meditation10-minutes chakras meditation muladhara
Gentle Yoga For The Shoulders and Upper Back

In this 20 minute practice, we focus on opening the shoulders, chest and upper back.
We practice some twists, side stretches, Eagle arms, Cow Face arms and thread the needle poses, amongst other things.

Expect to feel much looser in your upper body.

20 Minutes, Gentle Yoga, Hatha, Shoulders, , , 20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha shoulders20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha shoulders
Counting the Breaths Meditation

A simple meditation technique, where by we simply watch and count our natural breaths. A great technique for complete beginners to meditation.

5 Minutes, Meditation, 5-minutes meditation5-minutes meditation
Lotus Flower Meditation

Enjoy this 10 Minute Meditation for the Heart Space, where by we visual a lotus flower in the space of the heart.

A powerful technique whilst helps you to move from your head to your heart space.

10 Minutes, Heart Opening, Meditation, , 10-minutes heart-opening meditation10-minutes heart-opening meditation
Full Body Yoga Flow

15 Minutes of Movement and Breath has the power to shift your energy! A simple flow to energise your being.

15 Minutes, Hatha, Morning Yoga, Vinyasa, , , 15-minutes hatha morning-yoga vinyasa15-minutes hatha morning-yoga vinyasa
20 Minutes of Gentle Yoga

An easy and gentle practice for tired days. We start lying down and spend the whole practice in poses low to the ground. A nourishing, beginner level practice.

20 Minutes, Gentle Yoga, Hatha, , 20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha

Body Scan Savasana

A guided relaxation. Make yourself really comfortable on your mat/sofa/bed as I guide you through your body, relaxing each part as we go. Perfect to practice before bed, or just whenever you feel too much in your head.

10 Minutes, Meditation, Relaxation, , 10-minutes meditation relaxation10-minutes meditation relaxation
Grounding Meditation

A simple meditation where by we connect to the Hara (Earth Centre) and ground our awareness out of our heads and down into the earth.

10 Minutes, Grounding, Meditation, , 10-minutes grounding meditation10-minutes grounding meditation
Warm up & Sun Salutations 20 Minutes

A simple 20 minute yoga practice to get the energy moving. We move through a warm up for the whole body and then practice a few rounds of Sun Salutation A. The perfect practice for the morning, to set you up for a great day ahead.

20 Minutes, Morning Yoga, Vinyasa, , 20-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa20-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa
5 Minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing

5 minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing to calm the nervous system.
If you are new to this technique, it’s best to try our ‘Introduction to Alternate Nostril Breathing’ first.

5 Minutes, Pranayama, 5-minutes pranayama5-minutes pranayama
Introduction To Alternate Nostril Breathing

An Introduction to Alternate Nostril Breathing. This is an important breathing technique that helps to calm the nervous system and bring balance to the left and right sides of the brain/the masculine and feminine energies/the Yin and Yang within us all.

Take your time with it, it can take a few rounds to get the hang of it!

10 Minutes, Pranayama, 10-minutes pranayama10-minutes pranayama
Raise Your Vibration!

A 20 Minute yoga practice to raise your vibration and energy. Perfect as a morning practice or to shift your energy in the afternoon after a long day sitting. We start with some simple Qi Gong exercises and then move into a short Vinyasa Flow.

20 Minutes, Morning Yoga, Vinyasa, , 20-minutes morning-yoga vinyasa20-minutes morning vinyasa
Ease Into The Day With Hatha Yoga

Move from your bed to your yoga mat and ease into the day with some simple movement and breath.

20 Minutes, Gentle Yoga, Hatha, Morning Yoga, , 20-minutes gentle-yoga hatha morning-yoga20-minutes hatha morning-yoga
Kapala Bati & Alternate Nostril Breathing

Kapala Bati aka. Skull Shining Breath! A powerful breathing technique that stimulates our digestion and inner fire. This technique has an energising effect on the body and mind. Not to be practiced if you are pregnant, menstruating or if you have a full stomach (leave at least 2 hours after food before practicing).

Alternate Nostril Breathing then balances the energy that we have created with Kapala Bati.

10 Minutes, Pranayama, , 10-minutes pranayama10-minutes breath-work pranayama
Yin Yoga For Manipura Chakra

30 Minutes of Yin Yoga and Affirmations to connect with the Manipura Chakra. A beautiful way to slow down and stimulate this energy centre without too much effort.

30 Minutes, Chakras, Yin Yoga, , , 30-minutes chakras yin-yoga30-minutes chakras manipura yin-yoga
Yoga Nidra – Rest Upon The Earth

Enjoy a guided relaxation, where we simply rest upon the earth.

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do, is rest. So if you need it, rest.

20 Minutes, Grounding, Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, , , , 20-minutes grounding meditation relaxation yoga-nidra20-minutes grounding meditation relaxation yoga-nidra
Yin Yoga For The Hips & Legs 30 Mins

Opening the hips and the legs helps us to feel more grounded and present. For this Yin Yoga class, we will simply find stillness in each pose (for around 3 minutes) and watch the natural flow of the breath. Each pose is a mini meditation, a chance to slow down and find stillness within.

Expect to feel calm and grounded after this class.

30 Minutes, Hips, Yin Yoga, , , 30-minutes hips yin-yoga30-minutes hips legs yin-yoga
Yin Yoga For Heart & Lung Meridians

Enjoy some deep release in the chest and shoulder areas with this 30 minute Yin Yoga class. We will practice poses that help to stimulate the heart and lung meridians.

When we work with these meridians, it can help us to calm and steady our emotions.

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