Welcome to our Palm Cove Poolside Yoga Class!

I am absolutely delighted to announce the new location for my yoga classes in Palm Cove – Drift Resort POOL SIDE!

The classes are suitable for complete beginners to intermediate yogis.  We move through a sequence of yoga asanas, stretching, strengthening and releasing tension in the body and mind.  We always finish with a lovely guided relaxation, to help you move about your day/evening feeling a little more centered and calm.  Come as you are, no matter your age, shape, size, religion, fitness level, flexibility… I could go on. Yoga brings peace to every person.

Classes will take place of Friday Mornings at 7.30am-8.40am.  Just walk through reception from Vievers Road and you will see our teacher set up on the deck next to the pool.

The setting is perfect.  Surrounded by a Melaleuca Paperbark forest, the sounds of nature really add to our practice.


Tree Palm Cove Yoga

Our Morning Class

This morning class will prepare you beautifully for the day ahead, un-crumpling the body after the night’s sleep and leaving you feeling more grounded- a feeling you will take with you throughout the day.  The gentle flow style of these morning classes will ease you into your day, leaving you feeling energized, yet relaxed.  We always finish each class with a guided relaxation, to let all of our work from the practice be absorbed into the body.  Students are encouraged to move at their own pace, and rest when necessary.

If you would like to try a Palm Cove pool side yoga class, please get in touch.

Drop in’s are always welcome, however I only have a limited number of yoga mats so if you need one, try to book in early to avoid (lack of mat) disappointment.

Feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions or to make a booking- 0421322691

I hope to see you soon,

Beth Hartig