SUP Yoga (Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board) is taking the world by storm!  People are beginning to realise what an awesome activity it is and to meet this growing demand, Hartig Yoga is pleased to now offer SUP Yoga classes in Palm Cove.



Palm Cove SUP Yoga class

Palm Cove is the perfect spot for a SUP yoga class.  As the sun rises and before the sea breeze has started to blow, the conditions are just perfect. The water is glassy and calm and the vibrant colours of the first light of day reflect across the ocean’s surface as far as the eye can see.  And this is when we get out on the water and stretch and relax our bodies with SUP yoga.



What we offer

Hartig Yoga offers SUP yoga classes in Palm Cove at two locations.

The first is at the South end of Palm Cove’s Esplanade, just across the street from Chill Cafe.  The class starts at around 6.30am and lasts for one hour.  We paddle out 10-15 metres from the beach front and anchor our boards down. We start with some meditation and breathing exercises and then bring in some gentle Hatha asanas to stretch and strengthen the body.  We finish with a relaxation exercise on the water.

Cost- $40 per class (this includes one hour of board hire)

The second location is just in front of Double Island.  This class also includes an introductory paddle board lesson, which will take place on the south end of Palm Cove.  We will then paddle over to Double island, which usually takes around 25 minutes.  When we arrive at the spot, we have a quick swim to cool off and then begin our yoga class, anchoring down over the beautiful reef.  The water is calm and clear here, and you may even see a few turtles and manta rays whilst you are practicing!  It really is a once in a life time opportunity – practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board over a coral reef in paradise!

Cost- $70 per class (this includes 2 hours of board hire)


*discounted rates apply if you bring your own board.


Sup Yoga Cairns Region


When are the classes?

SUP yoga classes require particular conditions in order to take place, and because of this they cannot take place at the same time and location every week.  Some days will be perfect to head over to double island to take a class, some won’t.

If you would like to take a Palm Cove SUP yoga class, contact us at the beginning of your stay in Palm Cove, or with up to a weeks notice if you are a local, and we will be able to give you a run down of the conditions for the week and schedule you into the next class.

To book a place at a SUP yoga class in Palm Cove, click here.