Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice, developed thousands of years ago to relax the mind and body and to help us to access a place of stillness and bliss.  This place of stillness exists within us all, however we have become so disconnected from it, so distracted by the stresses and strains of daily life that it lays dormant and forgotten.  We seek this bliss in external activities, we look for it in lovers, friends, in places and parties, in clothes and gadgets, in holidays and houses. But it is right here, within us all, waiting to be seen.


Palm Cove Yoga Nidra Classes

I include a short yoga nidra practice at the end of all of my yoga classes in Palm Cove.  In my opinion, this is the true purpose of a yoga practice, and any yoga class without a good relaxation session misses the point.   The purpose of the yoga asana practice in my class is to release tension in the body and to stretch and strengthen the body so that it’s easier to relax at the end of the class. Often, if we try to go straight into relaxation there is tightness in the body, or agitation in the mind, which can make it difficult to completely let go.  This is the purpose of yoga, to relax into your true self, the state of complete consciousness and bliss that is present within us all.


Savasana Palm Cove



Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra has been proven to help with a range of problems, including insomnia, anxiety, depression and trauma.

It’s also very beneficial for people who find it hard to let go of things.

It’s a great practice for those who find it difficult to meditate.  A relaxing yoga nidra practice can help you to access the deep calm that we find during meditation.

Yoga nidra doesn’t try to ‘fix’ anything. It simply allows every part of your experience of life to be there, and through this deep acceptance, imbalances and dis-harmonies within the body and mind have the time and space to resolve themselves.


Palm Cove- The perfect place for yoga nidra!

Practicing yoga nidra in Palm Cove is wonderful, especially when doing it under the swaying palm trees in front of the ocean.  The sound of the waves lapping the shore, the sea breeze and the wildlife help us to go even deeper into this delicious yoga practice.

Come and give it a try at a yoga class in Palm Cove with Beth from Hartig Yoga.  To read more about Yoga Nidra, click here.