Enjoy a Private Yoga Class in Palm Cove


Palm Cove is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. It is the ultimate place to relax and unwind and forget about the stresses of your day to day life.


Many people travel to Palm Cove to get a taste of luxury- the beach front is laden with beautiful resorts, restaurant and spas.  It is a beautiful place to escape to when you’re batteries are feeling low and you need to recharge..  and a private yoga class in Palm Cove will help you to do just that.


Palm Cove- Cairns’ best beach

In my opinion, Palm Cove is the most beautiful of Cairns’ northern beaches.  It has a magical feeling about it that you really need to experience to understand.  Everybody is relaxed. The people that come here to holiday are relaxed and the people that live here permanently.. well they are extremely relaxed! The pace of life is slow, the ocean is right before you and you are surrounded by wonderful trees.






And yoga can help you to delve even deeper into this relaxed feeling. Perhaps you are staying in a resort or a hotel and would love to do a private yoga class, as you have never tried it before. This is possible with the Hartig Yoga team.


A private yoga class can be catered to your every need. They can take place at a destination of your choice, inside or out. Also, they can take place at a time of your choice. You are free to practice whenever you desire, in beautiful surroundings.    The beauty of private yoga classes is that the class really is designed for your body. If you have tight hips, we can add a lot of hip openers into the practice. If your shoulders are tight, we will work to gently open them.  If you have an injury, we can work with it. You won’t regret taking private yoga class in Palm Cove.