Palm Cove is the perfect place to try a SUP yoga class.  Yep, that’s right, yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board!




SUP Yoga Classes, Palm Cove


For all the water lovers out there, SUP yoga could be just the thing for you.   It gives a new dimension to your practice, performing a sequence on water rather than land! It’s tricky to get the hang of at first, but after a few poses you’ll get an idea of how you need to modify your pose for the paddle board.

It’s best to start low, with poses that are supine, prone or seated. Get a feel for them and see how SUP yoga demands your entire attention.  See how you become more aware of your center of gravity and how the slightest movement can cause you to loose your balance.  When you feel comfortable with these poses, begin to add others that are more demanding. Start with downward dog and then work your way to some standing poses.

If you are new to yoga, I would recommend trying it on land first! It’s worth getting a basic understanding of a few poses before hitting the water.  I would also recommend getting a stand up paddle board (SUP) lesson as well (Paddleboarding Cairns offer SUP lessons on Palm Cove beach).

If you have a paddle board, give it a try on flat water first. Perhaps on a calm lake like Lake Placid. Or if you need to rent a board, Paddleboarding Cairns also do board rentals in the Northern Beaches region.


Fish Pose Sup - HartigYoga

Hartig Yoga does SUP Yoga classes in Palm cove!

Come and try Sup Yoga in Palm Cove at a SUP yoga class.  In the early morning, Palm Cove is the perfect place to practice SUP yoga.   The water is glassy and calm, the sun is rising over the sea.. what a way to start the day!  If you are interested in trying a SUP yoga class, contact Beth for more information.