Twisting is great for releasing tension in the spine and detoxifying the body.  The supine twist is a simple but effective posture to practice.  It gets everything moving in the morning and can also help you to unwind after a long day.


How to do it-

Lye supine (on your back) on your mat.

Draw your knees into your chest (you can gently rock from side to side to begin with if you like. This uses your body weight to gently massage the lower back and prepare the body for the twist)

Bring your arms along side the body at shoulder height with the palms facing down.

Shift your bum an inch or two to the left and then take your knees to the ground underneath your right arm.

Turn your head and gaze towards the left hand (the opposite way to your knees).

Stay here for as long as you need (at least 5 long breaths) and repeat on the other side.

If your knees don’t reach the floor without a struggle, place a cushion underneath them.

Enjoy the twist! As you breathe in, focus on breathing into all the tight places in the body. As you breathe out, let go.


Supine Twist - Yoga in Palm Cove



Stretches the muscles of the back.

Improves flexibility of the spine and releases tension.

Aids detoxification by stimulating the kidneys, urinary bladder, abdominal organs and intestines.

Relaxes the body and mind (a perfect asana to practice at the end of a sequence right before Savasana)



Do not practice the supine twist if you have a knee, hip or back injury.

As with all yoga postures, do not practice after eating. The blood and energy needs to be centered around the digestive organs during this time, and if we start stretching, it can interfere and disturb the absorption of nutrients.


The supine twist is a great posture because it is accessible to pretty much everyone. If you are going to add one asana to your daily routine, let it be this one. It feels so good! Come to a yoga class in Palm Cove with Hartig Yoga and practice with an experienced Yoga Instructor.

Namaste <3