Triangle Pose or Utthita Trikonasana in Sanskrit, is one of the keys poses in many of the styles of yoga.

How to do it-

Come into Tadasana. Step your right leg behind you, turning to face the right side of your mat. Bring your feet parallel to each other, about a meter apart. Turn your right foot to face the back of your mat.  The left foot remains at 90 degrees, or slightly turns in towards your right leg. Inhale and extend the arms at shoulder height, looking towards your right hand. Ensure that your hips are still open to the left side. Exhale and reach forward with your right hand until you cannot go any further.  Then place your hand wherever it reaches on the ground, shin or thigh (just not the knee joint) Extend your left arm towards the sky and look up towards your left hand. Breathe here for 5 long breaths.  Repeat Trikonasana on the other side.

Details to consider-

Try to ensure equal weight is in both feet. Try not to lean on your front leg with your right hand.  See how it feels to have the arm beside the leg, instead of resting on it. Use the right arm as a gentle lever to open the chest towards the sky, as you are looking up towards your left hand. Imagine you are in between two planes of glass, encouraging the torso to be in line with the lower body.  You may need to come up out of the pose slightly to achieve this alignment.

Benefits of Triangle Pose-

Triangle Pose strengthens the legs and the back Stretches the side waist, inner thighs, hamstrings, calves, spine and shoulders Opens the chest and the hips Stimulates the internal organs Helps to relieve back pain Can help with Sciatica


Things to be aware of in Triangle Pose- If you have neck problems, avoid looking up towards your top hand.  Look straight ahead or towards the floor. Avoid performing trikonasana if you have low blood pressure or suffer from headaches.

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