The first of the three warrior poses, Warrior 1 pose / Virabhadrasana 1 encourages feelings of strength and stability in the body and the mind.  Virabhadra is the name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of the Hindu God Shiva.



How to do it-

From Tadasana, step your left leg 4-5 feet behind you. Make sure your right foot is facing forward and turn your left foot in towards your right leg at a 45-60 degree angle.

Square your hips towards the front of the mat, gently encouraging the right hip backwards and the left hip forwards.

Gently bend the right knee.  The knee joint should be directly over the ankle, or slightly behind it (but not in front). You may need to adjust the position of the feet in order to feel stable. If you find it difficult to balance, slightly increase the distance between your heels (so instead of being in line with each other, they are slightly apart)

The left leg is straight and strong, rooting down with the outer edge of your left foot (little toe side). Your back heel may not touch the ground, and this is completely fine!

Raise your arms up above the head, palms facing towards each other.

Relax the shoulders away from the ears.

Stay in Warrior 1 for 5 long, deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.



Warrior 1 strengthens the ankles, calves and thighs and the pelvic muscles. Opens the hips. Improves balance. Improves focus and concentration. Opens the chest. Releases tension and encourages mobility in the shoulders. Develops stamina and endurance in your core muscles.




Be cautious practicing this pose if you have high blood pressure or any medical conditions that affect your balance.

Warrior 1 - Yoga in Palm Cove

Warrior I. Yoga in Palm Cove, Cairns.