Warrior 3 is not an easy posture! It is a brilliant one to practice if you want to improve the balance in your body (and also your mind), and requires immense focus and concentration.   With so many things to think about at the same time, virabhadrasana 3 is quite a challenging asana, so challenging that we often forget to breathe!


How to do it

From Warrior 1, slowly begin to shift your weight forward onto your front leg.

Lower your arms down to shoulder height, parallel to the floor.  Reach out in front of yourself, with palms facing towards each other.

Extend your back leg out behind you, trying to lift the foot to the height of your upper body.

Engage your core muscles and slightly lift the lower belly in towards the spine.

Visualise having a straight line of energy from the finger tips, along the back of the body and out of the back foot.

Your standing leg is straight and strong, actively rooting down into the ground beneath you.

Try to make sure your hips are still squared towards the front of the mat (not allowing the hip of the extended leg to open out to the side).

Gaze at a point on the ground in front of you, and take 5-10 breaths in Warrior 3 (or hold as long as you can!).



Improves balance.

Improves focus and concentration.

Improves posture.

Strengthens the muscles of the ankles and legs.

Strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Strengthens the shoulder muscles and the muscles of the back.



Avoid practicing if you have high blood pressure.



Warrior 3, Yoga Palm Cove Cairns Beach

Warrior 3. Yoga in Palm Cove, Cairns