Wellness Retreats in Australia: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing with Beth Hartig

Welcome to the world of Wellness retreats in Australia!  I, Beth Hartig, (an experienced yoga teacher with a love for travel!), invite you to join me on a transformative journey.

In this article, we delve into the blissful experiences of two recent Hartig Yoga yoga retreats that took place in Far North Queensland. From the serene Sacred Waters Healing Sanctuary near Innot Hot Springs to the captivating Castaways resort in Mission Beach, these retreats offered a harmonious blend of spirituality, rejuvenation, and self-discovery.

Wellness Retreat in Australia
Wellness Retreats in Australia
Health retreat in Australia

Spiritual Retreats Australia


Nestled near Innot Hot Springs, Far North Queensland, the Sacred Waters Healing Sanctuary became a sanctuary for our recent spiritual retreat. In early May 2023, I had the pleasure of guiding a camping retreat for 27 beautiful souls seeking time out in nature. For those that didn’t have camping gear, participants also had the option to book a bed in a cozy 4-bed cabin. And this was all under the light of the powerful Scorpio Full Moon!


Because the retreat was loosely themed around this magic Full Moon, we included many beautiful activities. One of these being a a cacao ceremony and fire ritual, reigniting our spirits and cleansing our energies. Sacred Water’s giant geodome provided the perfect space for a beautiful sound healing session led by the owner of the land, Matali.   Julia Volpe, our talented chef, lovingly prepared delicious and nourishing meals. Tummy’s were full of incredible home cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We also offered opportunity for journalling, sharing, and music around the fire! Bliss!


During the tranquil nights, we soaked in the healing waters of the hot springs. On one of the mornings after breakfast, we embarked on a revitalising trip to Little Millstream waterfalls. I led daily yoga sessions, guiding participants through grounding practices that harmonised their mind, body, and spirit. The retreat also encouraged moments of reflection and relaxation.  Group activities were balanced with free time to allow each individual to find inner peace amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

“I’ve been lucky enough to participate in two wonderful retreats by Hartig Yoga. We were treated to Cacao, dance and sound healing as well as excellent yoga and meditation sessions. I came back calm, refreshed and full of self love. Definitely worth nourishing your soul with any of Beth’s offerings.”

Lesley Postle

Spiritual Retreats in Queensland
Yoga Retreats Queensland

Health Retreats Australia 


In the picturesque location of Castaways resort, Mission Beach, I had the pleasure of hosting another yoga retreat.  The weekend after our Sacred Waters Retreat, I took another group of 21 on a journey back to the heart.  The retreat was called  “Return to Love” and was a transformative experience focused on opening the heart and rediscovering the essence of love. With the crashing waves and pristine beach as our backdrop, participants embarked on a profound journey of self-exploration and healing.


3 Heart Opening Full Days


Over the course of four nights/three days, we delved into different themes. Day one was centered around self-love, empowering each participant to nurture their relationship with themselves. Day two embraced forgiveness, encouraging individuals to release emotional burdens and embrace compassion.  In fact, that evening we let go of what we no longer needed in a fire ritual at the beach.  Finally, day three revolved around gratitude, fostering an attitude of appreciation and abundance, and finishing the retreat on a high.


Ritual, Ceremony and Sound Healing


We were treated to a beautiful cacao ceremony and dance journey led by the talented Lisa Clarke, igniting our spirits and awakening our bodies. Oden Cosmos created a harmonious environment through captivating sound healing experiences. Myself and Sarah McDonald, another Cairns based yoga teacher, we guided the daily yoga practices.  Each practice was tailored to align with the theme of the day, creating a holistic approach to healing and self-discovery.

“This retreat had the perfect balance of activities, free time and group socializing. The yoga was accessible to a range of levels and was well explained. The cacao ceremony, sound meditation, sunrise meditation and other planned experiences were uplifting and transformative for many of us. Add to these experiences the wonderful food and setting for the retreat, and the four days were just amazing. Meeting and connecting with others from all over Australia was also a highlight as stories and lives were shared during mealtimes and free time activities. The wisdom and serene presence of Beth and Sarah as our teachers and facilitators of the retreat was also a blessing! I highly recommend taking time out of your busy life to slow down and give yourself the gift of attending a Hartig Yoga retreat. Your body, heart, mind and soul will thank you!”

Sharon Kelly

Cacao Ceremony Cairns
Wellness Retreats Australia
Yoga Retreats in Australia

Joining one of our wellness retreats in Australia is an extraordinary opportunity to reconnect with your self and experience transformative growth.   

We still have 3 opportunities to join us at a yoga retreat in Australia in 2023, and hope to see you there!

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