What are Wellness Wednesdays all about?

Wellness Wednesdays @ 27 Degrees, Palm Cove, are a place to come and hang with Beth Hartig (straight after her Wednesday morning Rise and Shine beach yoga class in Palm Cove!) and other Wellness Warriors and sample/ask questions about the Doterra essential oils that we use during our Palm Cove yoga classes.

In fact, we don’t just use these oils at yoga, we use them in all areas of our lives. There is even a quirky motto amongst the Doterra community – ‘There’s an oil for that!’. Whatever the concern, whether physical, mental or emotional, we can help you to find an oil or blend that may assist you in finding some relief.

 But mostly, Wellness Wednesdays are a chance to connect and reconnect with like minded people.  To be seen and to be heard.  To drink coffee and eat acai bowls in front of the ocean.  To learn about Natural Solutions for you and your family. 

Every Wednesday from 9-11am, but feel free to pop it at any time within that time frame (weather permitting! If it’s raining, Wellness Wednesday will be moved to Vivo, Palm Cove).  We have a few comfy bean bags to sit on and a big rug on the grass to hang out on.  Kids and babies are more than welcome to come too. 

Everybody is welcome, even if you don’t know anybody here! A perfect place to meet new people if you are new to the area.


We hope to see you there!




The Hartig Yoga Team.

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