Is it stretching?

If the answer that comes to mind is related to people twisting there bodies into various peculiar postures, you have an inkling of what yoga is all about.
But whilst this is a part of yoga, it’s only a very small part. Asana practise (the practise of yoga postures) represents the physical side of yoga, which is necessary to purify, strengthen and improve the body’s flexibility. However, being ‘good’ at the asanas is not being able to fold yourself into a pretzel, or lift your leg above your head. People often ask ‘Are you good at yoga? Or ‘is he/she good at yoga?’ referring to the flexibility or physical ability of a person. But to be ‘good’ at yoga has more to do with focus, concentration and awareness of the body and the breath.

In the word’s of David Coulter, author of Anatomy of Hatha Yoga-


‘Practicing with total attention within the body is advanced yoga, no matter how easy the posture; practicing with your attention scattered is the practice of a beginner, no matter how difficult the posture’.


Asana practice

Asana practise brings us to the present moment and helps us to connect with our physical body. If practised regularly, yoga brings many health benefits. It improves circulation, respiration and lung capacity, it increases the range of motion and lubrication of the joints, strengthens and stretches all the muscles and improves the functioning of all of our vital organs. When our bodies are feeling good, this undoubtedly has a positive effect on the mind and our sense of well being.
Yoga means the ‘union’, to join, to unite, to yoke. It is both the union of the body, mind and spirit of an individual and the union of the individuals self with the universal consciousness. This may sound a bit far out, but allow me to describe what this means to me. Whilst every human being on the planet is unique and has his/her own individuality, we all carry within us the same ‘life force’, ‘energy’ ‘chee’ or ‘prana’. In fact, this ‘life force’ can be found in every thing that is living. The practice of yoga and meditation can help bring our awareness to the universal energy within us, and therefore our connection with all other beings.
Having said this, yoga means different things to different people. You can take whatever you want from it! It may be only the physical side that interests you at the moment, and that is just perfect. Whether you just want to improve your physical fitness and flexibility, calm your mind or learn how to fully relax and let go, the many styles of yoga have something for everybody.
IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU ARE OLD, OUT OF SHAPE AND NOT FLEXIBLE IN THE SLIGHTEST! As long as you have a pair of lungs, basic control of your body and determination, you can do yoga.

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