What can you expect from a Yoga Class in Palm Cove with Hartig Yoga?




What to expect with a Hartig Yoga class, Palm Cove

We often try to incorporate a theme to our classes, for example- opening the shoulders, hips and hamstrings and opening the heart area with back bends.  When our classes fall on a full moon, we will practice a full moon sequence.  It keeps it interesting for the students and the teacher, and we never repeat the same sequence twice.

Our Yoga classes are suitable for all.  There is a common misconception that you have to be flexible to do yoga, or really thin, or really young.  You don’t have to be any of these things.  Yoga isn’t about trying to get anywhere, or trying to be different than you are.  It’s about opening the body, bringing awareness to the breath and bringing relaxation to your day.  It’s about fully arriving in your body, in the present moment.  The asanas (poses) help us to feel present in our bodies. So many of our movements and actions are automatic. The asanas help to bring awareness back to our movements, to the beauty of living in a body and being able to choose the way it moves and interacts with it’s environment.


Yoga Class Palm Cove


Guided from start to finish

In Hartig Yoga’s classes, we start with a short centering meditation.  This helps the student to ‘arrive’ on the mat and to bring focus to the class.  We focus on the breathing for a while and check in with ourselves and how we are feeling today.

We then start to gently warm up the body, by synchronizing movement with breath.  We slowly warm up all the joints of the body.

We then usually practice a few rounds of sun salutations.  If you have never done them before, the teacher will take you through them very slowly.  We repeat these a few times to warms to body up for the rest of the practice.

The rest of the class in made up of a mixture of standing, balancing, seated and lying down postures.

We always finish with at least 10 minutes in relaxation.  This is the time where we allow all of the movements of the class to integrate into the body, and we learn the art of completely letting go.  And this is made a lot easier with the sounds of the ocean, the gentle sea breeze and the tropical birds all around.

Come and give it a try. Really, yoga is for everyone. You are sure to leave feeling a whole lot better than when you came!

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