My Favourite Nature Spots to Practice Yoga in Cairns

Cairns is the hidden gem of Far North Queensland.  Surrounded by the worlds oldest rainforest, and next to the world’s largest Reef (The Great Barrier Reef), Cairns is abundant with natural beauty.  Many people come to the area to connect with nature and it has recently become known as a great place to come and practice yoga.  There are so many beautiful nature spots to practice yoga in Cairns.  In this blog article, I will let you know some of my favourite spots!

1) Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades is nestled deep in the Redlynch valley.  Surrounded by Rainforest, this cascade of cool water is sure to take your breath away! I love to take a walk up the track and find a quiet and shady spot next to the water where I can practice yoga and meditation.  The sounds of the birds and the running water will help you to find your zen.  Fairy Falls is also a beautiful spot, which is just next to crystal cascades. There are usually less people around there, and it’s more covered with trees.

2) Hartleys Creek Falls

Hartleys Creek Falls is absolutely stunning.  You can find this beautiful spot just up the track from Hartleys Crocodile farm, which is just off the Captain Cook Highway.  The road used to be gated off at the bottom, but someone has recently opened it up!  You used to have to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up, but now you can drive all the way to the top. 

Once you are parked at the top of the hill, you can walk through the clearing in the bush (it is sign posted, but not very clearly) for around 10 minutes.  You will be presented with a crossroads in the path. One way takes you to the waterfall (left) and the other takes you to a beautiful creek, surrounded by smooth rocks – which are perfect to practice yoga on (right).  Although this spot is a little bit trickier to find, it is one of my favourite nature spots for yoga in Cairns.  There usually isn’t anyone around, so you can fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice in nature.

Palm Cove

And of course, my favourite spot for yoga in Cairns is here at Hartig Yoga in Palm Cove. There really is no greater place to practice than under the palm trees, in front of the ocean.  We are so lucky to have a big shady and grassy area right on the beachfront of Alamanda Resort (beach yoga on the sand is a bit uneven and sand gets everywhere!).  This spot was simply meant to be an outdoor yoga studio!  When i’m not teaching myself, I love to come down and practice with our other teachers here at Hartig Yoga.

I would love to know in the comments, where are your favourite spots in Cairns to practice yoga?

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