The Herald Sun recently published the results of research into the world’s top 10 most in demand travel destinations of 2015.  The top ten includes London, Barcelona, The Gilli Islands in Indonesia and… PALM COVE!

Of all of Australia’s beautiful destinations, Palm Cove was the only one to feature in the article.  This tropical beach destination in Far North Queensland is a very special place.  The laid back attitude of the town is infectious. Whilst there’s enough to keep you busy, there’s plenty to do to help you relax, including yoga in Palm Cove


Yoga in Palm Cove

There is no better place to practise yoga. As the name suggests, Palm Cove is covered in swaying Palm trees.  The Esplanade runs alongside the beach with soft golden sand and glistening blue ocean. And with the incredible views of Double Island and Scout’s hat, Palm Cove is the perfect location to relax and unwind.

Often when people think of a holiday they will think of sun,sea,sand, palm trees and relaxation. Palm Cove has it all and yoga can really help to facilitate the relaxation process and leave you feeling calm but re energised when its time to go home.  The setting makes practising yoga in Palm Cove all the more special… It makes it so much easier to relax into the practise when you are surrounded by stunning nature.  Savasana becomes a lot easier when you are being lulled into deep relaxation by the sounds of the ocean.

Whether you want a Private yoga class in Palm Cove, or to attend a public Yoga class, this beach jewel has it all.  If you want to get away from it all and have the time and space to practice yoga outdoors, away from the crowds, Palm Cove could be the spot for you.


Dancer Pose on the grass - Palm Cove (480x640)