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Here at Hartig Yoga, we have two outstanding yoga locations in Palm Cove for our yoga classes.

Alamanda Beachfront & Sarayi Hotel Rooftop

“After the class finished, I sat on the beach in one of the worlds most beautiful locations feeling totally relaxed and alive. Unforgettable, amazing experience!”     

                                                                                                       Sandy – Mount Isa.

Beach Yoga Location


One of our yoga locations in Palm Cove is the beachfront in front of the Alamanda Resort, which can be found at the very south end of the Palm Cove Esplanade. 

(1 Veivers Road, Palm Cove).

Our Beach yoga classes are held on the grassy area, under the palm trees (plenty of shade), in front of the ocean.


If the weather is wet, we move the class into the Alamanda Resort Lobby lounge. 

yoga locations in palm cove
Beginners Yoga Palm Cove

Where is the Wet Weather Room?

Beach yoga classes are moved into the Alamanda Resort Lobby lounge if it’s rainy or too windy.  You can find this space just opposite their main reception on Veivers Road. Although the space is under cover, it’s still open air and surrounded by trees.

An email/text will be sent out before the class to let you know the change of location.

Sarayi Rooftop

Our evening classes are held on the rooftop of Sarayi Hotel, Palm Cove (95-97 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove).  

To find the class, walk through the front doors, all the way up the stairs, to the rooftop.  If the weather is dry, the class will be on the pool deck, facing the mountain (see pic). Take the first left through the pool gate at the top of the stairs.


However, if the weather is wet, or for bigger classes, the class will be held on the front section of the rooftop (turn right at the top of the stairs).  Do you have any questions about our yoga locations in Palm Cove? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Evening Yoga Class Palm Cove

Did you know, we also have an Online Yoga Studio?

Hartig Yoga Online may be perfect for you if you can only get to class once a week, but would love to practice yoga more at home. OR if you love doing yoga with Beth, but live too far away to come to classes!

Unlimited access to 90+ pre-recorded (and constantly growing) high quality Yoga and Meditation Videos.

Different styles of yoga – Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Breathing exercises. Beginner- Intermediate Level.

Different Class Lengths – Videos range from 10-70 minutes in length. So if you only have 20 mins to practice, select “20 minutes” in the categories section and choose from a variety of practices, within that time frame!

14 day free trial! Try for 2 weeks, and see if you like it.  You will not be charged if you cancel within the 2 weeks.

Personalised Practices – Let us know what yoga YOU need at the moment, and we will record those practices for you.

Palm Cove Yoga Teachers

Ready to Book a Class?

Everyone is welcome at our Palm Cove Yoga Classes. Whether you are a Cairns local, or are visiting in area.  You are welcome if you are completely new to yoga, or have been practicing for a while.  Come and move and breathe and feel better with our expert team.

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