Five Elements Yoga and Meditation Retreats Australia

Cairns Retreats

Here at Hartig Yoga, we currently host the only Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Cairns.  Our Retreats are held in the stunning beach town of Palm Cove, which is just 27km north of Cairns City.  We provide transport from Cairns airport to our luxury 5 star beachfront accommodation, The Alamanda, Palm Cove.  

Palm Cove

Palm Cove is pure paradise.  Every year, hundreds of Southern Australians flock here to escape the cooler winter weather.  Our tropical climate means that we have warm weather all year round – when its miserable and cold down south, we are still enjoying 25 degree days and warm waters!  It is the perfect place to come for a yoga and meditation retreat and our twice daily practice can be taken outside in the shade of the palms, in front of the ocean.  

Completely Beach Front Resort


Why come to our Yoga and Meditation Retreats Australia?

If you already have your favourite studio and a regular yoga practice, you may be wondering why you would come to a yoga and meditation retreat so far from home.  There are many benefits of taking a ‘yoga holiday’ and I hope to highlight them in this article.  

Focused Practice

Rather than fitting in your practice around a busy schedule, a retreat offers you the space to really focus on your yoga and meditation practice.  Being the main focus of your holiday, you become fully immersed in the practice.  You can learn many more practices, postures and relaxation techniques and really have the time to let them absorb into your mind and body.  In our 3 day and 3 night retreats, your practice in the only thing you have to do all day! The rest of the day you can spend how you like, whether thats napping on the beach, relaxing by the pool with your book and getting a well deserved massage or treatment in one of Palm Cove’s many spas. You are sure to leave feeling relaxed, inspired and full of new energy.  

Meeting Like Minded People

One of the bests things about going on a yoga and meditation retreat is the people you will meet.  Everyone has come for the same reasons- to relax, practice yoga and connect with others from around the world.  You are sure to make some amazing memories with your retreat mates- whether in class or in your free time.  We also share all meal times together, a great time to get to know your teachers and  retreat mates in paradise.  That takes us to our next point…   Yoga Retreat Cairns  

You don’t have to cook!

How good is it to not have to plan meals, go grocery shopping or cook! All of your Breakfasts and Dinners on our retreats are catered for you- delicious and wholesome food in a beachfront setting.  Weekend lunches are within your free time (and therefore aren’t included in the retreat), so you are free to explore Palm Cove and the other culinary delights that it has to offer.  

Self Loving Feels Damn Good

How often to do take a long weekend away completely dedicated to yourself?  Loving yourself and giving yourself the gift of a yoga and meditation retreat doesn’t mean that you are selfish.  In fact, self love ‘fills our cup’ so that we have more to give when we get home.  Hence the saying, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’.  So if self-loving is something you find it hard to make time for, it may make it easier for you to do when you realise you will have more good energy and more love to give to your family and loved ones after a retreat than you do when you are burnt out and exhausted.  Nurturing your mind, body and spirit is a act that everybody around you will benefit from.   We really hope you take the time for yourself this year and join us for our Five Elements Yoga and Meditation Retreats Australia. For more information about our retreats, follow this link. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Beth Hartig x