If yoga is something that you want to do whilst you are on holidays, Palm Cove is the destination for you!



Yoga Palm Cove Esplanade

Hartig Yoga brings Yoga classes to Palm Cove’s esplanade, at the gorgeous Drift Resort and the Beach front outside of Alamanda Resort.

Friday’s yoga classes are held on the deck next to the wonderful Lagoon Pool.  It’s the perfect space to practice yoga.  The deck is smooth and even – which is so important for getting correct alignment in poses. We are surrounded and sheltered by majestic Melaleuca trees. And although we can’t see it, are only about 30 meters from the ocean!

Palm Cove Yoga Pool Side Warrior


Our Beach classes

Our beach yoga classes are held outside of Alamanda resort.  You can find our outside Yoga Studio on the grassy area, under the Palm trees there.  Pure Bliss!


The morning classes help to ease you into your day with gentle flowing postures, breath work and focused awareness.  We try to move with equal effort and relaxation, an attribute that once learnt can really benefit you off of the yoga mat too.  You will leave class feeling open and ready to face the day ahead, what ever it may hold.


The evening class is a slower paced class, with more of a focus on surrender and relaxation.  Poses are held for a little longer so our awareness can turn within.  It is a safe place to come after work to release the tensions of the day, to let go of anything you are carrying with you from your day into your night that you don’t need to be.  The sun is setting during the class and our final relaxation is almost in darkness,  but for the dancing flames of the poolside flares.

Come along at Yoga on Palm Cove Esplanade,  everybody is welcome.

Get in touch if you have any inquiries, or to book a place at a class.

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