Yoga Retreat in Atherton Tablelands


Back in 2016, when Hartig Yoga had only been up and running for 2 years, we organised a special yoga retreat at Topaz Sustainable Timbers in the breathtaking Atherton Tablelands. It marked our first-ever yoga retreat, designed exclusively for a group of friends seeking a much-needed escape.


What is Topaz Sustainable Timbers?


Topaz Sustainable Timbers is a remarkable sustainable timber plantation nestled in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands, located in North Queensland. This small plantation is dedicated to growing native Australian rainforest timbers. Situated adjacent to Wooronooran National Park, which forms part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, Topaz is situated on a reforested former dairy farm. The plantation not only serves the purpose of timber production but also fosters the promotion of native plants and animals’ habitat. Owned and managed by my dear friends Wilfred Russell Smith and Bess Murphy, it was Bess who graciously invited us to host our yoga retreat on her stunning property.



Topaz: The Perfect Yoga Retreat Location


Topaz provides an idyllic setting for a yoga retreat. Surrounded by lush rainforest and teeming with natural beauty and wildlife, it is a sanctuary to escape the bustling pace of life. And what I personally adore about this haven? There is no mobile phone reception! Thus, allowing you to completely unwind and reconnect with nature.


Experiencing the Yoga Retreat in the Atherton Tablelands

Day One of the Retreat


The retreat spanned over a weekend, with participants arriving on Friday evening. We eased into the retreat with a calming Yin yoga practice before indulging in a delicious dinner.

A collective effort went into preparing the dinner, as many hands made light work. We crafted a delectable vegetarian curry accompanied by a variety of breads, rice, and salads.

That first night, everyone retired early to bed. Many had worked that day before embarking on the two-hour drive from Cairns to reach Topaz.




Day Two of the Retreat


The following morning greeted us with a glorious sunrise and a invigorating morning flow practice. The air filled with birdsong as we moved and breathed together. Following the practice, we delighted in a nourishing breakfast featuring fresh tropical fruits, eggs, and bread.

Post-breakfast, we embarked on a guided walk to the property’s enchanting waterfall. Yes, you read that right—a waterfall on the premises! The journey took us approximately 45 minutes, winding through different sections of the property.  Some of which required navigating through dense rainforest. It added an exciting touch of adventure to the experience!

After our exhilarating walk and a refreshing swim, we gathered back at the property for a hearty lunch consisting of soups and salads.

The afternoon allowed for some well-deserved relaxation and free time. Some participants brought their musical instruments, leading to a spontaneous jam session, while others indulged in their favourite books.

As the late afternoon settled in, we reconvened for a serene Yin yoga practice and a guided Yoga Nidra session led by Beth.

Following dinner, we convened in the communal area, engaging in a delightful massage workshop. One of the retreat participants, a skilled massage therapist, shared simple massage techniques with the group. We paired up in twos, practicing the techniques on each other. This interactive and enjoyable activity fostered connection and camaraderie among the participants.

With newfound relaxation, we all slept soundly that night.


Day 3 of the Retreat


The next morning marked the final day of our retreat. We commenced with a revitalising morning yoga practice, once again followed by a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

After breakfast, the sun was shining and we all lay around on the lawn together.  After a little bit of lazing around we had to pack up and prepare to head home.

It was a perfect weekend, and one we would definitely like to repeat again!


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Yoga Retreat in Atherton Tablelands