Hartig Yoga Retreats in Cairns area


Since August 2018, Hartig Yoga has been holding Yoga retreats in Cairns region.  In May 2021, we took a group of 18 yogi’s from all around Australia to Mission Beach for a ‘Restore, Revive and Reignite’ Retreat. 

In this blog article, I hope to give you an insight into how the retreat went. You can then decide whether you would like to come with us for a yoga retreat some day! Our next retreat is coming up soon. You can find out more about it here .


Where was the Yoga Retreat held?

Our retreat was held at The Sanctuary, Mission Beach. An eco-resort set amongst 50 acres of ancient rainforest, that descends all the way down to the coast.  Paul, the owner of The Sanctuary, has been helping to facilitate retreats in the beautiful space for over 20 years.  The Resort sits on top of a hill, with views out to the ocean, from the in-house restaurant.  The resort also has an outdoor swimming pool, perfect to cool down in! 


What is the food like?

Everyone that attended our retreat in May mentioned that the food was one of the highlights!  The menu was so thoughtfully prepared by The Sanctuary’s chef’s and offered an amazing variety of whole foods. We were literally eating the rainbow everyday!  It’s an incredible opportunity to detoxify the body, as well as nourish the body.  In our next retreat in November, we have decided to add a ‘detox day’ where we will just eat raw foods and herbal food for 24 hours. This will be paired with a half day of silence too.




What style of Yoga do we practice on the retreat?

The yoga classes have always been the main focus of our yoga retreats in Cairns region.  A tremendous amount of preparation and planning goes into each session to make it a really special. 

In the morning sessions we practice either a Hatha Flow or a Vinyasa Flow with the intention to energise the body, mind and spirit.  These practices are paired with breath-work and meditation practices which weave into the theme or focus that is being offered during the session. 

Evening practices were either Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra (or a mix of them!).  With the main intention to relax and release deeply into the space. 

All participants are encouraged to really tune in and listen to their bodies.  Practices can always be modified to suit each individual.  If our retreat participants decide that they would like a sleep in instead, that is of course allowed! Sometimes the body is really calling for that extra bit of rest, and learning to honour whatever perceptions you have is a very important part of the yoga journey.


Reviews of Yoga Retreats in Cairns region


Here is what two of the guests from our last retreat had to say about their experience at a Hartig Yoga Retreat.

Jillian Heron – Cairns Local

“My yoga journey began in September 2020 under the palm trees of Palm Cove with Beth of Hartig Yoga.
From my first practice, I felt an unbelievable amount of emotion and knew yoga would become a part of my everyday life.
Attending the yoga retreat in Mission Beach with Beth and Amber was a wonderful opportunity to practice more yoga and enjoy some ‘me’ time.
Many of the girls who shared the retreat were there for a special purpose, having been through difficult times in lockdown and such like. I personally just wanted more yoga!!
The retreat was amazing. From the first circle of introduction and setting of intentions, the emotions were awakened and although I did not have any particular intentions, I came away feeling full of peace, love and companionship.
Beth and Amber were beautiful, kind and calming, their yoga was amazing and varied to suit the mood and the time of day.
The retreat was a wonderful combination of nature and health, the food was unbelievable, Hazel is the most amazing chef, every meal was healthy, hearty and full of tastes and textures that nourished us so well and complimented the whole yoga experience.
Sharing time and connection with our new yoga friends was a beautiful experience, so many amazing girls with wonderful stories, I feel lucky to have been touched by.
The final circle was very moving as we all reflected upon the retreat, emotions were raw and intentions had been achieved and friendships made. 
Thank you Beth and Amber for such a beautiful experience, I look forward to sharing another retreat with you both soon!

Yoga Retreats in Cairns

Lynne Durant – Melbourne

“I participated in Hartig Yoga’s retreat at the Sanctuary Retreat in Mission Beach in May. The retreat was really well organised by Beth and I knew exactly where to be and when. I loved the yoga sessions that Beth and Amber ran and my body felt exercised and strong after them. The food at the retreat was wonderful, better than I expected.  So glad I booked a massage with Amber, I enjoyed the relaxation and so did my muscles. The rainforest was beautiful and it was lovely to listen to the sounds and see the wildlife. I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and am so glad I went.” 

How do I book into a Yoga Retreat with Hartig Yoga?

You can find out about our next yoga retreat in Cairns here.  If you have any questions about our retreats, please get in contact with us.