What we can offer

Hartig Yoga brings custom designed Yoga Retreats to Palm Cove. Combining aspects of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga asanas with relaxation, pranayama and meditation to bring you into bliss on your holiday.  We can practice in a beautiful outdoor beach location, or in the comfort of your resort.   The schedule can be designed to suit you.  Here are a few examples of what we can offer-  

The full 5 day retreat-

  One morning and one afternoon class per day.  The morning class will last for 90 minutes and will be energising, working on flexibility and strength. The afternoon session will also last for 90 minutes and is a Yin and Restorative yoga class, with a long relaxation and meditation.  Sessions can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Cost = $850


The Casual 5 day retreat-

  One class per day. You can choose whether you want a morning or afternoon session. Each class lasts 90 minutes. You can choose which style of yoga you feel like practising.

Cost = $375


The Flexi 5 day retreat-

  With this package, you can have 5 days of yoga (either two sessions per day as in the full 5 day retreat, or one class per day as in the casual 5 day retreat) but you don’t have to take the sessions on consecutive days.  You can  work your yoga retreat around your holiday schedule so that you can still explore the area (this package is particularly good if you are on holiday with family and you want to spend time with them AND make the most of some yoga time)

Cost =

5 days of 2 90 minute classes per day = $850

5 days of 1 90 minute class per day = $375

    Palm Cove Yoga Retreat    

Additional information-

All mats and props are provided.  The day before we commence the retreat, it will be arranged for you to meet with your yoga instructor so that a program can be designed that will suit your needs and you can get the most out of the experience.  Hartig Yoga’s Palm Cove retreat is suitable for complete beginners to advanced yogis. The prices for the retreats are the same for single people, couples or groups.   For enquiries or to book your yoga retreat in Palm Cove, email bethanyhartig@gmail.com Namaste : )